knitting a blue streak

It feels like it’s all blue here, all the time.

blue beginning

I started my Breezy Market Tote. Although Twisted’s Single Skein Club offering with my design was AllHemp6 yarn in pumpkin, I was able to swap my yarn for deep sea (blue), since I’d already made the original design in sand (nearly pumpkin). I wound the yarn by hand, twice. The first time, I wound it in my usual way, over my fingers to keep the ball loose to avoid stretching the yarn. It works with wool. With hemp? Not so much. The ball was sloppy and prone to tangling and falling apart. So I rewound it more tightly, and away we went. And yes, that’s a provisional cast on at the bottom. Never fear, the bag will be only…blue.


I also resurrected my ruffle tank from the time-out basket. I lost my annotated instructions last year at Sock Summit time, and was just too peeved to go on. But looking at it now, I’m pretty sure I can get the rest of it done. The back was already done, and the front was up past the armhole shaping. It won’t take long (famous last words) to finish. And I get to learn applied i-cord to finish the edges.


I’ve been working on the instructions for my Pacific Shawl (yes, mine is blue); it’s almost ready to go to test knit. I need to make a video tutorial for placing the beads, and check the math one more time, but the charts are done.


Last night I made blueberry lime jam. (More blue, even though the jam is deep purple.) I don’t like plain blueberry jam, where the berries have been through the food processor. The texture is…grainy. So I gently squashed the berries with a potato masher, and I think I’ll like the result a lot better. Along with lime juice, there are bits of lime zest in there to give it some zing and keep it from being cloyingly sweet. Because these berries are really, really sweet already. There are still more out there on the bushes, too…

Oh, I did finish something that wasn’t blue…a helmet liner for the Knit for the Troops project. Lichen green, and I forgot to take a picture before dropping it off at Twisted! Sorry. I used the pattern here. If I were to do it again, I would change the decreases at the crown; there are only 5 decreases around the crown of the hat, and it meant that the top of the hat was tall and a bit pointy. I’d make more decrease points (maybe 8?) so the crown would be shorter and rounder. (If 8 decreases, then I’d start with 88 stitches instead of 90) But that’s just me; I can’t seem to ever knit something as written!

Back to the blues…

14 responses to “knitting a blue streak

  1. I think I might invite myself over for a piece of toast to try the jam with lime. mmm, it’s sounds very different and tasty!

  2. I’m totally addicted to knitting the soldiers’ caps! Thanks for posting about the project. Today I went to Molehill Farm, which is closing in a month from now, and got some Cascade 220 at 40% off. There’s still lots of great stuff left. 🙂 It didn’t occur to me to modify the hat pattern, although I like your suggestion of 88 stitches and 8 decrease points and will try that on the next hat. Not everyone’s head is the same size and shape.

  3. Your jam sounds delicious!

  4. I love your blues!

  5. morewithles

    That jam looks amazing (as does the knitting!)!

  6. I think we all have a case of the blues! The good kind, not the bad one. That jam sounds delish!

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes gets stuck in one colorway. Ha! The blueberry lime jam sounds divine!

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  9. I’ve been stuck in blues and purples for a while now – I really need to knit something in any other color!

    The jam sounds really good – great combo!

  10. I concur – a potato masher is the best way for processing fruit for jam! Yum!

  11. Love the jam with a touch of lime. It gives a nice kick to the palette–blueberry alone just doesn’t do it for me, it’s kinda bland.

    There is nothing wrong with color monogamy. Blue is such a nice complimentary hue on you.

    Resurrecting a old WIP is good for the soul 😀 Look forward to seeing it off and modeled 😀

    Way to go on the troop knitting.

  12. It’s been so long since I’ve had time to visit your blog! As always, I am jealous of all of your FOs. 😉 That Jam looks soooo yummy!! Hope all is well!


  13. Rhonda from Baddeck

    I’ll have to try using limes in my blueberry jam. Does rhubarb grow well in PDX? I grab a frozen quart bag of each and cook the rhubarb while I’m thawing the blueberries. Add semi-thawed mashed berries to rhubarb and proceed with jam-making. The rhubarb really perks it up – we call it Blubarb and it disappears quickly.

  14. Ooo! I just learned how to do applied i-cord edging on a piece I was test-knitting for someone. So cool! And way less tedious (I thought) than when you’re doing plain ol’ i-cord.

    Your jam looks yummy! 🙂 Loving all your blues!