Knitting for the troops

I recently received an email from Barbara Jennings, who took my class on circular hats in the round at Twisted last year. Since taking the class, she’s made over 40 hats for family and friends. Excellent! Now she wants to do more. She’s involved in an effort to knit caps for soldiers being deployed to Iraq in September, and she’d like more knitters to get involved with this project. Here’s what she has to say:

We need knitters! We recently became aware of a need for 2700 100% wool caps for soldiers being deployed to Iraq in September. If you can make even one cap before the end of August it would be a great help. Please read on to get the cap pattern and pictures and check out the videos of the Idaho organizer – Bea is a Rosie the Riveter from WWII and not deterred by seemingly insurmountable odds. We want to help her reach her goal and get a knitted cap into each soldier’s pack. A huge thank you to our area knit shops for supporting this project! The participating shops are listed on the pattern. Check out the yarn discounts. Barbara Jennings and Carla Harwood – Portland knitters

You can download the pattern here.

And here’s a link to the news story carried on Idaho news station KTVB.

No matter how you feel about the war in Iraq, you may want to knit to provide this bit of comfort to American soldiers. And now I think I know what I’m knitting at Stitch & Pitch on Wednesday night.

Off to find yarn in the stash…

ETA: Well, I really don’t have much stash. There wasn’t enough leftover earth-toned worsted wool to knit the hat, so I popped in at Twisted, and found this:


Lamb’s Pride Superwash 100% wool, colorway lichen. Soft, pretty/handsome, and washable, too. Wool is the requested fiber, so it’s perfect! And it also fixes my formerly picture-less post.

Knit on…

8 responses to “Knitting for the troops

  1. Thanks for passing along the knitting call to arms!

  2. You mean the stash that you don’t have because you don’t stash yarn? 🙂

  3. Super! I have loads of cascade 220. Doing something for somebody else is the perfect distraction right now. Thanks for passing this on

  4. Knitting for a good cause never goes out of style!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to knit for the common good and this is a very doable project! I’ll stash dive today!

  6. I made 11 helmet liners for the national guards last year!!!! This pattern is much easier to make and fast to finish in comparison. Thanks for sharing the great cause. I have plenty of stash but not necessary for the right color theme it requires to make some…Of course, I can over-dye when they are done 😀

  7. Thanks for the call to arms! Gotta keep our guys and gals warm. I’ve just discovered a huge mistake in my WIP sweater, so I’m putting it aside for a time out. This new challenge will keep me knitting and avoid the “why-didn’t-I-read-the-directions- correctly, or-at-least-ASK-someone-if-I-wasn’t-sure?” meri-go-round in my head.