knit friends, Passiflora, blueberries

Samantha Roshak was at Twisted to kick off her trunk show yesterday. She brought some lovely knitted things.


Sam’s a designer from Seattle; I met her last year at Sock Summit. She’s charming *and* talented! Her show will be at Twisted through this weekend. If you can’t make it, you can check out her designs online.

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Her friend Chandria came with her. I met Chandria when she came down on the SEA-PDX Yarn train in January. It was nice to meet up again.

Passiflora is done!


I love the lacy detail up the side, as well as the expanded lace on the back.


It’s reversible, and I did try it on with the lacier front, but I like the small panel better in front. The pattern was well-written and simple to follow. I didn’t change anything except to make it shorter throughout, because…I’m not as tall as I imagine!

The weather has turned hot, so it’s a little too warm to wear right now. Yes, it’s sleeveless, and has lots of lacy built in ventilation, but the yarn is wool, silk, and bamboo, and it’s a little warmer than I’d like on a 90 degree day. Last week, it would have been perfect. Don’t worry, it will be cooler again. It’s Portland!

The sunshine is encouraging my blueberries; we still have loads on the bushes. I keep picking, and baking, and freezing. A friend called to ask for a clarification on my blueberry cobbler recipe, so I’ve edited the recipe to make things clearer.

That’s the news from here. Next on the knitting agenda: finishing a pattern, and finishing last year’s abandoned project. Both are blue. ‘Tis the season!

15 responses to “knit friends, Passiflora, blueberries

  1. It turned out beautifully! That’s such a lovely pattern.

  2. Passiflora is gorgeous! Congratulations on such a beautiful finish!

  3. Love it!

  4. Love Passiflora and it looks great on you! I’m in a blue phase too. Must be something in the air.

  5. The Passiflora is really pretty. I love the color, which is very flattering on you!

    Recently I’ve read that bamboo stretches terribly so I’m afraid to go near it. Will the wool in your yarn keep the bamboo from stretching?

  6. That tank is sooooooo flattering on you. GREAT job!

  7. Your Passiflora is lovely. I think I prefer the little lace at the front too.

  8. Your Passiflora looks absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Ooh, nice job. That looks great on you. It’ll be an excellent fall staple.

  10. The color on that Passiflora is so so so perfect for summer. What a great FO!

  11. Your son did a great job with the photos!

    Thanks for the write up and for coming Friday night. I’m so glad we had a little chance to chat.

  12. Passiflora is super cute! I’m going to need to keep this pattern in mind!

  13. Passifloria is beautiful – it looks great on you, and I love the color – great job!

  14. The Passiflora is beautiful! During our short stay in Portland last week I had the chance to visit Twisted for the first time & see Sam’s designs up close. I was smitten with “A Little Something” & hope to finish it soon. Thanks for sharing! :0)

  15. the color on that passiflora is so great for summer… looks cute on you!!