A little frogging

Yes, you *can* frog and recover your brioche knitting.

I accidentally added an extra couple rounds of brioche rib after finishing the leaves; I was wondering about that as I was binding off. Oops.

I had some help. If you don’t remember how to frog and get your brioche back on the needles, you can check out my video tutorial here. And there are lots more tutorials of all kinds on my tutorials page.

All done! Now it’s mimosa time…

The Leafy Origami Cowl pattern is coming in December. I think I may knit one more, withe the colors reversed, just for fun. Knit on!

13 responses to “A little frogging

  1. Indeed ! 🙂
    I do love that combination of colours, Michele: the graded browns against the mid-blue go wonderfully together.

  2. Very pretty pattern! It looks good in those colors, but I bet it will look good with the colors reversed as well 🙂


    Love your choice of colors: variegated gold with a royal blue. Divine!

  4. Stunning! I love the colors! You are truly the queen of brioche!

  5. I love those fall colours against the dark blue!

  6. Brioche newby question: aren’t the colours reversed if you turn it inside out?

    • Great question, and the answer is yes and no! Yes, the knit stitches on the outside will be purls on the inside, and the purls on the outside will be knits on the inside. But the patterning created by the increases and decreases will not look exactly the same. Where they close on the outside, they don’t always close on the inside. And now you’ve given me an idea for a future blog post!