Petite Brioche update: beginning and end of rounds

I’ve just updated my Petite Brioche pattern. I’ve been teaching this class a lot lately. The beginning/end of the round is always the most confusing spot for new brioche knitters, so I wanted to make it easier. I think this does. Also, it makes teaching easier for me, too!

Of course, the pattern links to video tutorials, so I had to make new tutorials! The new pattern has new links, my tutorials page has new links, and my handouts are getting new links. A lot of work for a free pattern, but it’s a labor of love for this brioche evangelist.


Continental/picking (I’m a very awkward continental knitter, but you’ll get the idea)

The older videos are still linked on the tutorials page; they still work. You can pick whichever makes sense with the way you think and knit. The Brioche Hat Trick patterns aren’t being updated; you can choose which way you want to work your beginning/end of rounds.

Hope this helps!

2 responses to “Petite Brioche update: beginning and end of rounds

  1. Arlene Stakic

    Well I’ve bookmarked this page….still dutch to me…..and as soon as I finish up a pair of socks I started I will get on this to LEARN this technique in all it’s forms…..I think learning new things expands the brain and keeps us young. I am so glad for these types of tutorials.

  2. Arlene Stakic

    I’ve started a brioche binder….it’s a thing for me, since I am a relatively new knitter…..Once I get the band under my belt then I’ll approach with caution….lol