Stitch markers, redux

I made some new stitch markers this week. I needed some markers with smaller loops for smaller needles. The round ones that I made before are great for knitting with worsted weight yarn on 7’s or 8’s, but they really stick out on a size 2. Rather than trying to make smaller loops with wire, I opted to use flex cord this time. Here are the new ones.

blue markers

purple green markers

Do you want to make some, too? They’re a bit easier than the round ones I made here because you don’t have to finesse the round loop and twisted end. You’ll need some flex-cord (fine weight), some beads, and some crimp tubes in a size appropriate for your cord. You’ll also need something to cut the cord, and either a crimp tool or pliers. Ready?

Cut flex cord in 4 inch (10 cm) lengths, one for each stitch marker.


Put both ends of the cord into the crimp tube, and slide the tube until your loop is the size you want. Then crimp the tube with your crimp tool or pliers.


Add the beads, again putting both ends of the cord into each bead.


Add another crimp tube, make it snug up to the beads, and crimp. Trim the cord as close to the bead as possible.

stitch markers

That’s it! You may want to add crimp covers over the crimp tubes, but I think these look fine. (And I fail at getting the crimp covers on without either dropping them or destroying them.) One marker is different; I like to make one out each set different so I can use it to denote the beginning of a round, or the beginning of a right side row, or whatever.

While I had the beads out, I made this necklace.

bw necklace

Time to get back to knitting!

17 responses to “Stitch markers, redux

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  2. I really like these. I am going to have to get some flex cord as the round ones seem to just get in my way.

  3. sometimes I think beading is calling me – other times I am just happy to watch – like in this post!

  4. What a great idea, especially when using smaller needles, I think these would be great when working lace patterns … Your needles must look so pretty with these adorning them – like jewelry. I saw your spinning in your previous post, the colors are yummy.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I used your idea and made some small ones for a baby sweater that I’m knitting. I used Plastic elastic cord for mine. (it’s what I had on hand)

  6. I agree with Bells comment. I can get so caught up, spend a fortune on beads and tools then it all sits. I do love stitch markers but I rarely use them.

  7. I love the flexible loops! Good for all sorts of needles, which means you get to adorn your knitting more often with these lovelies.

  8. You’re so talented. My bead story wasn’t pretty.

  9. Very lovely! I hadn’t known about flex cord, but I’ll be sure to find some next time I’m at the craft shop!

  10. These are so nice. I’ll appropriate some of my daughter’s beads and try making some. Thanks!

  11. I love those stitch markers!

  12. Very crafty! Nice work.

  13. Really pretty! Thanks for posting the instructions.

  14. Great tutorial, thanks for sharing! I have supplies from my beading phase, and this has inspired me to dig them out again.

  15. I just found your tab for these & they are nicely done. I bead, knit, crochet, sew (my first love) and do just about everything else & it is amazing the things we can make with one art to use for another. You are very talented & to share your work is awesome.