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Worldwide Spin in Public Day

or WWSiPD, for short.

Saturday, September 19. Tami organized the Hillsboro spin-in at the Hillsboro Farmers’ Market, and it was great. Lots of spinners, under the canopies on a slightly drippy morning. There were even goodie bags! Here’s the loot:


I forgot my camera, so these are from the camera phone. Sorry.

tami melissa 2

That’s Tami on the left. She’s such an enabler. She got me started with my little Turkish drop spindle last month. Melissa is next to her.

rachel sarah

Rachel is wearing her February Lady Sweater, and winding on a niddy-noddy. (I just say these words. I’m not sure what everything is, being the new girl and all.) There were lots of wheels out, but there were also spindles.


Dana is on the right with a Turkish drop spindle. I asked her how she controls the fiber while it’s waiting to be spun. So far I’ve been throwing it over my shoulder and letting it drag on the floor, so I needed a better way to control my fiber in public. She showed me a little i-cord distaff that she made with some handspun, and then she gave me one! This will keep my fiber off the floor. Thanks, Dana! Seated are ? (didn’t catch her name, although we did have a conversation) with a top whorl spindle, Melinda, and Jessica.

cd spindle

This is a CD spindle; that works, too. I tried a top-whorl spindle that looks like the bottom whorl spindle at right. It was harder for me to get the spin going smoothly; I’m used to twirling the Turkish Delight from the top like, well, a top! But it does work. That’s Bobbie behind the spindle; she’s also an enabler, and she knows it. She was teaching kids to spin. In public!


This is Jessica with a larger Turkish spindle. She has her fiber coiled around her wrist. That works, too.

Do you spin? Did you spin in public today? Where? Enquirin’ minds wanna know!

Dizzy, my head is spinning

Are you old enough to remember this song? Apparently I am! But it was an oldie when it first came across my radar. Honest.

Here’s my first yarn! The fiber is Shimmer, 80% merino, 20% tussah silk, from Knitted Wit. The colorway is Hydrangea.


I did the shoebox lazy kate, but my center pull ball didn’t want to pull smoothly from the center. It kept tangling around the knitting needle because the outside yarn was wrapping around the needle in the opposite direction. I ended up putting the knitting needle up through the box and using it like a flagpole so it could unwind over the end of the needle. Whatever.


Plying seemed to be pretty straightforward, and the resulting yarn isn’t wackily twisty at all. I don’t know if it’s true, but it seemed like the twist of the single was untwisting itself into the twist of the plying. Is that what makes the whole thing balance? I just let them twist together, and if it didn’t go twisting back on itself in one direction or the other when I took the weight of the spindle off it, I considered it to be ready to wind off before plying the next bit.


I haven’t washed it or thwacked (!) it yet, but I will soon. I have some blocking to do for a friend, so I’ll use a packet of soak for all of it.

plied skein

And apparently I’m a spinning fool. Because look what I’m doing now. Dizzy…

rose city

This is more Shimmer from Knitted Wit. The color is Rose City, and I love it!

rose city 2

Down the slippery slope…

I’m having a hard time getting started on a post-Sock Summit project. I have several ideas in my head, but haven’t found the right combination of yarn and idea. The Jojoland Melody turned out to be not the right yarn for what I’m planning, so I went back to Twisted and came home with this.


Noro Kureyon Sock. Still not soft, but such gorgeous colors. I like purples. I like gray. I like black.


And I love purple with green! Noro skeins are always a surprise inside. I like this combo a lot. And while it seems like I’m sliding down the slippery slope for a self-avowed non-stasher, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. I exchanged the Jojoland Melody for the Noro.

On the other hand, I also said that I didn’t want to learn to spin, but then I bought a Turkish Delight drop spindle from Jenkins Woodworking at Sock Summit. Today I met up with the local spinners’ group, Portland Spinnerati. They meet monthly at the Central Library. Tami and Leila got me started on some beautiful merino and silk roving that I got from Knitted Wit.

first spin

I spun some yarn! And liked it. After I spin some more, I’ll have to learn how to ply…a slippery slope indeed. Oh, later today I brushed the cat. I found myself drafting out the hair from her brush, wondering if it could be spun. Help.