Down the slippery slope…

I’m having a hard time getting started on a post-Sock Summit project. I have several ideas in my head, but haven’t found the right combination of yarn and idea. The Jojoland Melody turned out to be not the right yarn for what I’m planning, so I went back to Twisted and came home with this.


Noro Kureyon Sock. Still not soft, but such gorgeous colors. I like purples. I like gray. I like black.


And I love purple with green! Noro skeins are always a surprise inside. I like this combo a lot. And while it seems like I’m sliding down the slippery slope for a self-avowed non-stasher, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. I exchanged the Jojoland Melody for the Noro.

On the other hand, I also said that I didn’t want to learn to spin, but then I bought a Turkish Delight drop spindle from Jenkins Woodworking at Sock Summit. Today I met up with the local spinners’ group, Portland Spinnerati. They meet monthly at the Central Library. Tami and Leila got me started on some beautiful merino and silk roving that I got from Knitted Wit.

first spin

I spun some yarn! And liked it. After I spin some more, I’ll have to learn how to ply…a slippery slope indeed. Oh, later today I brushed the cat. I found myself drafting out the hair from her brush, wondering if it could be spun. Help.

17 responses to “Down the slippery slope…

  1. When you start eyeing the cat fur —- you got it BAD!!!!!

    Your spun yarn looks beautiful! I love how the spindle makes it’s own center-pull ball of yarn.

  2. I see the center-pull ball, but how do you get it off the spindle, then?

  3. Congrats on your first handspun – it looks beautiful!

  4. I have no way to help….just enjoy!!!

  5. oh no, not the cat hair! You may be a goner…all it will take is a road trip out to Woodland Woolworks and that will push you right over the edge, lol! This is why I have stayed away from WW…for the time being 😉 The Noro is beautiful, can’t wait to see what you are doing with it.

  6. that is beautiful michele! you are going to have a blast at OFFF!

  7. Zuruebooo has spun her cat hair. It’s very soft (Rav link to yarn – They have books for spinning dog hair, so could just as easily do cat hair. Only consideration, people with cat allergies. Not sure if there’s an issue after its been washed a couple of times.

  8. KellyInTexas on Rav

    LOVE the Noro! FYI, after you knit with it, give it a soak in hair conditioner. It still won’t be soft, but it’ll be softer. (I haven’t tried this before knitting but I suppose it could work…)

  9. Look at the spinning!! Love it!

  10. Ahem, so I have spun my cats’ fur before. Since both of them are short haired cats, I had to put a lot of twist into the singles, which lead to a scratchy yarn. It wasn’t worth it. Mingus, however, is another story… I love your spindle!

  11. oh good for you! Nice spinning!

    Those noro balls really do pack some colour punch don’t they? That’s one of my favourites you’ve got there!

  12. Great job on the handspun!

  13. Cat hair? You have got the spinning but although I have been eyeing the dogs lately. And I hear those little Turkish delights are great.

  14. Cat hair? You have got the spinning bug, although I have been eyeing the dogs lately. And I hear those little Turkish delights are great.

  15. Jenkins turkish spindle is the spindle that made me fall in love with spinning. Beware!

    If you are going to spin cat fur, I recommend blending it with wool. The wool will make it stick rather than try to fly away.

  16. Cat hair? I have a big german shepherd & I’ve often wondered if I can spin her white wooly undercoat. I get puffs that look like cotton balls all over the house. Sometimes my mind wanders…..but…but….”instead of lamenting the shedding, can I harness it?”

    It’s a sickness….really.