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Turkish Delight

I love my Jenkins Turkish Delight spindle. I also love blogging and reading blogs.

Turkish Delight

And I just saw that Wanda Jenkins is giving away a Turkish spindle on her blog. I know this is decreasing my chances of winning, but go check out her blog if you want a chance to win. I’m sharing this here on the blog only; my generosity only goes so far…

Thanks for reading my blog, too!

Turkish Delight goes viral

You may remember that I fell for Leila’s Turkish delight spindle back at Sock Summit. Leila’s quite the enabler. She was trying to get me to try out her spinning wheel at OFFF, but I’m not falling for that. Yet.

Last week at the WWSiPD event, Rachel fell for my Turkish spindle. She bought one at OFFF.


I think Rachel is stalking me. First, the February Lady Sweater. Then the Turkish Delight. Next, she says she’ll be making some Leyburn socks…

Anyway, when Tammy saw my spindle last week and Rachel’s spindle this week, she had to have one, too.


Leila enabled another spinner, my friend S (seen here). Who then enabled L. (Names are hidden to protect the innocent.)


And so it goes. Pretty soon, you get this:


All Turkish. Except Duffy. We let her spin with us, anyway, because she’s nice. She and I broke out into song: One of these things is not like the other. Shades of Sesame Street!

By the way, my new Maya Floral bag from Lantern Moon is perfect for holding a little bit of roving and my Turkish Delight. I love it!

maya floral