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What Springsteen said to me

“You’re a dangerous woman.”

Springsteen n me

Who, me?

Bruce Springsteen was in town to promote his new autobiography, “Born to Run.” The event was at Powell’s Books, a large and wonderful independent bookstore here in PDX. We managed to get tickets (we crashed the first server, just like Sock Summit), but poor DH is out of town so a friend came with me.

The rules:

• The event is a meet and greet only. There will be no book discussion, booksigning, or performance.

• Springsteen will not sign anything during the event (books will be pre-signed). No memorabilia or other items are allowed.

• Please leave bags, backpacks, and personal items at home as these are not permitted at the event. Any personal items that cannot be pocketed will not be permitted in the event space. This includes backpacks, purses, shopping bags, etc. Only the book that ticket buyers receive at check-in will be allowed into the event space with ticket holders.

• You are allowed one posed photo with Bruce Springsteen. An employee of Powell’s will take the picture using your phone or camera.

Knitting in line

I don’t have a lot of clothing with pockets; I’m all about the skirts and boots! I wanted to take some knitting with me for waiting in line, and it had to be small to fit in my tiny jacket pockets. I’m not a sock knitter, but a half ball of yarn and a sock on the needles made sense. Of course, for me it was sport weight on size 2 magic loop. Look at that heel flap! I finished the flap, the heel turn, and started gusset decreases while in line.

What do you say to Bruce Springsteen, that hasn’t been said a million times before? In my case, it was, “Would you hold my sock?” (Definitely inspired by the Yarn Harlot.) But when it was my turn, the handler looked at my needles and told me I couldn’t go up with knitting needles. So I took the needles out, because I really wanted Bruce to hold my sock. Here’s our exchange.

Me: Would you hold my sock?

Bruce: (looks bemused)

Me: I had to take the needles out; they wouldn’t let me have them near you.

Bruce: You’re a dangerous woman…with those needles!

He had the sock; I had the yarn ball in my pocket. We’re connected by yarn! So we took our picture, and I thanked him for coming before they sent me on my way. 10 seconds, totally worth it.

Springsteen n me at Powell's

I just found out that you can make gifs and videos from the live photos on newer iPhones. So here it is; I love how Bruce is wiggling the sock. Too cute!

Springsteen sock wiggle gif

As I said, I’m not really a sock knitter, so I may never finish this sock. I’d have to put it back on the needles, for starters. So I think it will go in a shadow box with the picture, and we’ll call it good.

The Oregonian was there talking to people who were waiting in line, and I ended up in their video. I’m at the 26 second mark, in my Webfoot Shawlette in Hazelknits Entice, Hoppy Blond.

OK, back to knitting!

Sibling Socks, aka Coriolis

I finished the second sock from my “”What I learned at Sock Summit” project.


Remember I said that I wanted to make the second sock different, so I wouldn’t have Second Sock Syndrome? The first sock was a spiraling Coriolis. On the second one, I decided to try Cat Bordhi’s Upstream sock architecture, and put the increases on the instep in the form of a diamond with lacy holes. Isn’t it funny how the pink/purple pooled in the diamond?


When I finished the diamond, I decided that I didn’t want lacy diamonds going all the way up the leg. I was curious what would happen if I took the spiraling line from the Coriolis sock and moved them in different directions. So I echoed the holey diamond with a snakey one.

diamond leg

I think I like the snakey diamond even better than the holey diamond! But I wasn’t going back to do it over again.

sibling legs

Voilà! Two socks that read pretty much the same at first glance, but are different enough to make knitting two socks remain interesting. I wonder why knitting two socks the same is a challenge to me, but I can make the same baby sweater or baby hat several times without a second thought? Go figure. Probably because I can multi-task and watch a movie or read at the same time I’m knitting that baby sweater or baby hat. Aha!

The details:
Variations on Coriolis pattern by Cat Bordhi, New Pathways for Sock Knitters (I took the information from Cat’s class and ran with it)
Socks that Rock Mediumweight, Alley-Oop colorway
Size 2 Sox Stix by Lantern Moon (love these needles)

right heel

left heel

I love Cat’s heel turn, but I need to fine tune the fit. The back of the heel is a bit too tall and loose for me; I’ll try fewer increases over the arch expansion next time. But I love Judy’s Magic Cast On and Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off; these two techniques have made toe up socks a lot more attractive to me. Especially since I still don’t like to close toes with kitchener stitch. I can do it, but I don’t enjoy it!

Little Sky Sox

In preparation for Sock Summit, I thought it would be a good idea to get Cat Bordhi‘s book, New Pathways for Sock Knitters, just to try to wrap my mind around different ways of seeing things.


There are top down and toe-up socks in here. Bordhi begins with a sample sock of each kind, but they’re not your usual top down or toe up. I decided to go for the top down first, since that’s my usual modus operandi. Here are the Little Sky Socks made out of worsted weight Dream in Color Classy.


They look like they’d be perfect for chubby little baby feet. A little wide through the instep? Maybe not, after you actually get something in there.


I look forward to exploring more “sockitechture” soon. For now, these need to be wrapped for a baby shower this evening!

August Meteor Shower (of knitting)

The luminous stars of the knitting world are landing here in Portland in August. Check out the teacher list for Sock Summit. It is truly amazing. (Click on the names for bios, or check out the Yarn Harlot’s posted list.)

I’ll be there! I guess I’m a sock knitter after all.

Judy’s Magic Cast On

It’s magic! It makes a beautiful toe, no provisional junk to deal with. I’m making a practice sock with some Louet Gems that I had on hand.


The stitch pattern is “oblique openwork” from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks. I haven’t decided what kind of heel to use yet; I think I want a heel flap with heel stitch on the bottom of the heel, because that’s where I tend to get holes. I’d adapt Wendy Johnson’s gusset heel for that. But I could make this sock into a total learning experience, and learn to do a short row heel. We’ll see.

Here are close-ups of the toe:



So far, I like the sock, but I’m not absolutely sold on toe-up. I can see using it if I had a limited amount of very special yarn, and wanted to maximize the length of my socks. But I find it a little discombobulating to be working the stitch pattern on just the instep, and stockinette on the sole, when I’m just learning the stitch pattern. It’s easier for me to learn it if it goes around, and around, and around the leg.