What Springsteen said to me

“You’re a dangerous woman.”

Springsteen n me

Who, me?

Bruce Springsteen was in town to promote his new autobiography, “Born to Run.” The event was at Powell’s Books, a large and wonderful independent bookstore here in PDX. We managed to get tickets (we crashed the first server, just like Sock Summit), but poor DH is out of town so a friend came with me.

The rules:

• The event is a meet and greet only. There will be no book discussion, booksigning, or performance.

• Springsteen will not sign anything during the event (books will be pre-signed). No memorabilia or other items are allowed.

• Please leave bags, backpacks, and personal items at home as these are not permitted at the event. Any personal items that cannot be pocketed will not be permitted in the event space. This includes backpacks, purses, shopping bags, etc. Only the book that ticket buyers receive at check-in will be allowed into the event space with ticket holders.

• You are allowed one posed photo with Bruce Springsteen. An employee of Powell’s will take the picture using your phone or camera.

Knitting in line

I don’t have a lot of clothing with pockets; I’m all about the skirts and boots! I wanted to take some knitting with me for waiting in line, and it had to be small to fit in my tiny jacket pockets. I’m not a sock knitter, but a half ball of yarn and a sock on the needles made sense. Of course, for me it was sport weight on size 2 magic loop. Look at that heel flap! I finished the flap, the heel turn, and started gusset decreases while in line.

What do you say to Bruce Springsteen, that hasn’t been said a million times before? In my case, it was, “Would you hold my sock?” (Definitely inspired by the Yarn Harlot.) But when it was my turn, the handler looked at my needles and told me I couldn’t go up with knitting needles. So I took the needles out, because I really wanted Bruce to hold my sock. Here’s our exchange.

Me: Would you hold my sock?

Bruce: (looks bemused)

Me: I had to take the needles out; they wouldn’t let me have them near you.

Bruce: You’re a dangerous woman…with those needles!

He had the sock; I had the yarn ball in my pocket. We’re connected by yarn! So we took our picture, and I thanked him for coming before they sent me on my way. 10 seconds, totally worth it.

Springsteen n me at Powell's

I just found out that you can make gifs and videos from the live photos on newer iPhones. So here it is; I love how Bruce is wiggling the sock. Too cute!

Springsteen sock wiggle gif

As I said, I’m not really a sock knitter, so I may never finish this sock. I’d have to put it back on the needles, for starters. So I think it will go in a shadow box with the picture, and we’ll call it good.

The Oregonian was there talking to people who were waiting in line, and I ended up in their video. I’m at the 26 second mark, in my Webfoot Shawlette in Hazelknits Entice, Hoppy Blond.

OK, back to knitting!

19 responses to “What Springsteen said to me

  1. How fun! You should definitely do a shadow box with the pic and the sock. 🙂

    So what did you do with the needles? In your pocket? If so, then what would stop one from whipping them out of a pocket and being dangerous?

    I wonder what Bruce thought of all this. “OK Mr. Springsteen, please stand in this spot for 4 hours, you’ll want comfortable shoes. Now smile while 20 bazillion people get a picture one by one. Please make each one feel special. Tomorrow we’ll be in Seattle and we’ll do the same thing.” I guess he’s probably used to that by now. He might remember “the sock lady” though!

    • No needles in the pocket! The handler held them for me and gave them back to me afterward.

      I’m assuming that Bruce is fine with the book touring. He doesn’t really need the money! And the ticket price was basically the price of the book, plus ticket service fee. I think the tour is a way to increase interest, and also a way to say thank you to his fans. He does a nearly four hour concert, but I think the book tour would be harder because you don’t get to move around, and standing in one place is hard on aging backs and knees!


  2. You might finish the socks and send to him!

  3. Awesome! You guys look great together!

  4. Kandy McConnico

    How fun is that?!! DH totally missed out.
    Love your outfit BTW.

  5. Can’t stop watching you and Bruce all wiggly like that!

    • I thought Live Photos were a dumb idea when they came out, but it’s actually very useful! Like when you’re jumping on a trampoline with an eight year old. Or having Bruce wiggle your sock. Jamie at Knitting Bee told me on Instagram that there were apps to make live photos into GIFs. Who knew? I do, now! I used Lively, which is a free app. It’s upgradable if you want to remove their watermark, $2.99.


  6. Too fun Michele!! Good for you!

  7. That is so cool!!! Glad Bruce was game to play along.

  8. Hilarious, I bet he will remember it too!

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  10. So impressed. I would probably not be able to say anything intelligible.

  11. Leslie A. Gordon


  12. You should frame the what you have the sock next to the picture!

  13. Just saw this on Blogness and was so excited because you were right next to us in line! I doubt you remember, But i was with the Mom and daughter from Wisconsin. What a fun story you have to tell!