Leyburn KAL

I’m in! I just joined the Socks That Rock Leyburn Knitalong on Ravelry. I’m doing it with Socks That Rock Mediumweight in Eggplanted, top-down, 56 stitches cast on for the ribbing, decreased to 54 for the Leyburn stitch pattern. Here’s what I have so far.

leyburn start b

I really wanted to try this cuff treatment that I saw on the Twist Collective Blog. Theirs is in a contrast color to corrugated ribbing, but even so, it’s so cool looking! It gave me a little giggle to deliberately put a twist in, after years of admonishments to “be careful not to twist” for circular knitting. Be aware that you have to work this part on straight needles; ask me how I know…

I switched to knitting in the round as soon as the cuff detail was done, just before the ribbing.

And I think I may try a short row heel, since I’ve never done them before. It’s always fun to learn a new trick. We’ll see when I get there. For now, I’m just enjoying the stitch pattern.

Knit on!

17 responses to “Leyburn KAL

  1. OMG, will you stop tempting me, please??? I really like the look of this pattern, the small butterfly stitch type on it. Of course I need STR yarn… LOL.

  2. Love the cast on! Very interesting. The socks look great.

  3. Cute.

    I am going to learn how to knit socks THIS year.
    I am going to learn how to knit socks THIS year.


  4. Oh how cool is that cuff treatment? Awesome!

  5. So pretty!

  6. That is gorgeous – love the cuff!

  7. That cuff treatment is too cool!! Love it!

  8. Beautiful! I think I’ll try out that new cuff treatment – looks great! Good luck w/the short row heel. They’re usually great – don’t know why mine have been giving me such problems on this sock.

  9. Love the cast on and love love love the sock!! Eggplanted is sooooo purty!!

  10. That’s an amazing pattern, and your knitting looks great!

  11. silencepainter

    I love this sock pattern, it looks great in the yarn you selected. And the cast on is really interesting!

  12. look at you! I love the yarn, love the pattern, they’re socks and you a million comments! Winner all around. Also the picture is fantastic. Lessons with Jared?

  13. I love the cuff treatment, and I really love the pattern – it’s not one I’ve come across before. Off to queue it now…

  14. New tricks! I learned one yesterday and am knitting toe ups now!

    Love the cuff treatment, too.

  15. Great start! I’ve had to frog a little on my socks, but I’m loving how they’re coming along. Short row heels are SOOOO fast and easy. I think you’ll enjoy it! ^_^

  16. That is such a pretty cuff! Can’t wait to see your finished socks!

  17. I love those socks! I think they’re already in my queue, I have to check. Isn’t it fun to try new things?