Snowing…warm head, warm hands

It’s snowing in Portland, which doesn’t happen often.

snow day

I actually wore a hat today, which doesn’t happen often, either. It’s all about the hair, you know.

Pippi 2

This is my Pippi hat, and I love it. I designed this hat during a snowy week in Portland in 2008. DH said I looked like Pippi Longstocking in it, and so it was named.


My current Pippi isn’t either of these colorways, but it’s too dark to take a picture. Suffice to say it coordinates with my jacket. Do you like it? I think you should knit one, too, so I”m putting the Pippi hat pattern on sale for 20% off through February 14. Consider it a Valentine’s Day offering! My Hugs and Kisses Fingerless Mitts pattern is also on sale. Both of these patterns are $4 instead of $5 through Valentine’s Day. If you want both, please make two separate transactions; I can’t get the Ravelry cart to discount both in the same transaction.

oxo 2

Now go be cozy and knit!

10 responses to “Snowing…warm head, warm hands

  1. It is snowing like crazy at the coast too. Crazy!

  2. Love the color combo on the first hat. Gorgeous!

    It’s quite rainy and chilly here tonight, but no threat of having to shovel any time soon. LOL Enjoy your snow.

    • Thank you! The one I wear has teal instead of green, because it matches one of my coats. I really like it.

      The nice thing about Portland snow is that it doesn’t stick around for very long. It’s pretty for a few days, and then clears out. Thank goodness.


  3. I need to keep more of my handknits for snowy days!

  4. I try not to complain about my weather too much – I actually like that we get four legit, and very distinct, seasons, but for the sake of my hair, I do sometimes wish that I lived somewhere I could get away with not wearing a hat a little more often.

    • I used to avoid hats completely, and would resort to shearling earmuffs when it was very cold, but if it’s actively snowing/sleeting I need a little more cover.


  5. Love the mitts! I made those last year. The hat is cute but yeah, not so good with the hair. Are you selling the aviator thrummed hat pattern on your site? Or is it just with the book?

    • Actually, my hair looked pretty good when I was done skiing the neighborhood! I was stunned.

      The thrummed aviator hat is only through the book, Doomsday Knits, for now. At some point I think it will be available individually, but it’s up to Cooperative Press.