Buttermilk Sky, and Pippi, redux

It feels like I haven’t been knitting much lately. I’ve been impatiently waiting for some yarn I ordered, and kind of at loose ends while waiting. I guess I must have done some knitting, though, because I have two FO’s to show you.

buttermilk sky

This sweet little cowl is called Buttermilk Sky. It’s a design by Bonnie Sinnott over at Blue Peninsula. I was the lucky winner of her pattern and this sumptuous Blue Sky Alpaca Silk last November.

alpaca silk

This was a quick and easy knit, and the yarn was so nice to knit with.

buttermilk texture

Haven’t you seen clouds like this?

Thank you, Bonnie!

pippi redux

My other FO is a variation on my Pippi hat. I taught a Pippi hat class last month at Twisted, and started a hat as a demonstration model. Since I was nearly done with it by the time classes were over, I went ahead and finished. I love these colors together. One of the colors in the stripe sequence on top isn’t the same as in the previous blue/green/white Pippi, but I was working from stash, so this is what I have. I also got distracted and didn’t follow the chart for the last colorwork pattern; oops. Class was fun; everyone learned to carry two colors in their knitting, and also how to make i-cord and half double crochet. A success!

My special order yarn came in this week. More on that in another post…

Knit on!

16 responses to “Buttermilk Sky, and Pippi, redux

  1. I love your Pippi Hat!! Add that to my list. And the colors are great together.

  2. I LOVE that hat. Those colors look great together. I guess that is why we all build up great big stashes — we never fall short when working up a new idea.

  3. Eric likes your hat. Possible hint I should make one for him!

  4. I’ll bet the cowl is so soft! The Pippi hat is colorful and looks like fun to where in cold weather.

  5. Heavenly Alpaca Cloud. I imagine it’s luxurious on the neck. Great fair isle work on Pippi–it’s those mindless surprises that make it a very special knit. Thanks for the inspiration I so need to get those darn needles clicking.

  6. Beautiful cowl – looks so soft & warm. The color combinations on the Pippi hat is wonderful!

  7. That hat is adorable. The colors are wonderful together and it looks toasty warm!

  8. That hat is great!! The cowl looks so soft and scrumptious!!

  9. Beautiful cowl, and I love the hat too!

  10. Your Buttermilk Sky is beautiful! Very nice hat, too, and great photos!

  11. Great hat! One of these days I’m going to get around to making one for Mac. He loves ear flaps.

  12. Both are gorgeous! My current post is about me not “getting” cowls — but this one is beautiful! And as far as your hat, you know I *love* your color sense. 🙂

  13. What a great hat – very cute and I love the colors!

    The cowl looks amazingly soft – how did you like working with the yarn?

  14. I love that alpaca, just luscious!

  15. Those colors on the Pippi hat look fabulous together!

  16. Aw, Pippi has a sibling now. ❤ ❤ ❤ 😉