urban fiber arts

There’s a new yarn shop in Portland’s Pearl District, Urban Fiber Arts. Cindy Abernethy, the shop’s owner, carries yarn, spinning fibers, patterns, and accessories from regional dyers, spinners, and other fiber artists, many of whom are local to the Pacific Northwest. Cindy is one of the PDXKnit-bloggers, and she is realizing a life-long dream of having her own shop.


I missed the grand opening last week, but I finally had a chance to visit on Wednesday. I saw fiber from Abstract Fiber and Dicentra, and yarn from StitchJones. The shop will also carry hand-dyed yarn from Knitted Wit and Pico Accuardi. Urban Fiber Art’s focus is “quality yarns and fibers from the Northwest and beyond.” It’s almost like going to OFFF without having to wait. And they now carry most of my PDXKnitterati patterns, too. Thank you, Cindy!


Here’s some fun handspun from Trtlgrl Crafts.


While I was visiting, I bought this drop spindle learn to spin kit from Krafti-Kit.


I love the carved scrollwork on the spindle’s whorl. Pretty! And the alpaca fiber is really soft, like a cloud. It spins pretty easily, too.


In other news, I’m scheduled to teach a class on the Pippi Hat at Twisted the next couple of Thursday evenings. If you’d like an introduction to color work, this hat is a great way to learn. Contact Twisted to register.


Knit on!

7 responses to “urban fiber arts

  1. I was just there yesterday and saw your spread of patterns! Pretty proud.

  2. I love shops that carry local indie dyers and spinners.

    Congrats on having a great new shop near by.

  3. I read about the new shop on OregonLive a week or so ago and was going to check it out this weekend. Thanks for the sneak peek. The new spindle is cute. Alpaca is fun to spin and knit up. Look forward to seeing what you do with it.

    Have fun at your class 😀

  4. I don’t go downtown very often. I may have to make a special trip!
    I haven’t done much color work since the ’80’s. Your Pippi hat looks like a good project, and my grandbaby could keep her ears warm!

  5. Is that 18 yarn shops in Portland now? Wow, I have a lot of exploring to do! Love the business idea for this one.

  6. Can’t wait to visit when I come down on the train in January!

  7. Michele (do I ever get the spelling right?), thanks so much for this. Just sent it along to a friend who lives in south Waterfront so she could see Urban Fiber on the inside. Plan to get there soon myself.