Spring knitting with linen, again

What goes around, comes around! This was an abandoned project from last year. I set it aside when it became clear that I wouldn’t be wearing it before summer was over. Now it’s spring again and this is the perfect simple project to keep my hands busy while I dream about the next design project and work on getting Brioche Knit Love re-published.

Where I left off last year

As I wrote last year: Back in 2019, I was swatching/playing with Quince & Co Sparrow, which is fingering weight linen. I ultimately decided to design Kittiwake in Quince’s Kestrel, which is Aran weight, for a quicker project. I used the same stitch pattern for both weights.

Kittiwake in Aran weight Kestrel

The blocked fingering weight piece was relegated to the stash bin for later evaluation. When I pulled it out last year I fell in love all over again with the beautifully crisp yet drapey fabric. The original piece was an excellent gauge swatch, and it even had the needles in it so I knew what size to use. I started an oversized top, basically two rectangles, no shaping. The oversized shoulder seams would come down as faux sleeves.

I was knitting it in the round from the bottom up to the armholes. Instead of the swatch’s 16 repeats/37 inches wide, I was knitting 20 repeats/46 inches, which gives me 9 inches (a lot) of ease. Perfect for a drapey swingy top for summer. I have about 2 inches (5 cm) to go before it’s time to split to work the front and back separately, back and forth to the shoulders.

I’m not usually good about going back to abandoned projects, but this one looks worthwhile! It’s not a design project, just a fun for me project, so there’s no pressure about getting it done. I’m just enjoying the ride again.

What’s on your needles for summer (or winter, down under)?

4 responses to “Spring knitting with linen, again

  1. I just finished a linen top, using Fibranatura Flax. I washed the yarn once before using it, because it was so stiff. I washed my gauge swatch a second time, and got a fabric that felt nice and that I could figure gauge from. Now that the knitting is done, the garment is waiting patiently next to the washing machine. I haven’t had the courage yet to wash it and see if the result fits. But I will, eventually.

  2. Myra Snyderman

    Perfect for Florida in fingering weight. Where can I purchase pattern?

  3. Absolutely beautiful, Michele ! – I would have adored to knit something like this ..

  4. That is a lovely summer top! I’ve got a couple shawls and a sweater on the needles.