Ebb and Flow, encore

The linen knit is coming along nicely, but I decided I needed an even simpler project for multi-tasking. I cast one one more Ebb and Flow cowl, which is mostly stockinette. I bought these minis from Schmutzerella Yarns at Red Alder Fiber Arts Festival for just this purpose. So it’s not stash!

I want the blue up by my face, and the green at the bottom edging. I’m so happy the minis have numbers on them in case I get them out of order. Blue is 6, Green is 1, so I’m working in reverse. Each mini is 92 yards/20g, and there are 6 of them for 120g total. Doing a little math, 100g is 460 yards, which is lighter in weight than the Moss Fibers (100g/394 yards) that I used for the original cowl here.

I cast on with the same size needle (US 4), but decided pretty quickly that the fabric was too open. I started again with a US 3. Much better! It makes the neck slightly smaller, but that’s fine with me. And with 552 yards total, I’m able to have both the taller cowl neck and the longer triangle body, and I know I won’t run out of yarn before I’m done.

Do you like to knit the same thing more than once? I don’t mind, especially if it’s a good multi-tasking knit.

3 responses to “Ebb and Flow, encore

  1. Some patterns are like potato chips…you can’t just do them once. You need to do them again in different yarn, or combinations of yarn. The only problem may be how to find homes for all the production!

  2. Beautiful yarn – that will make a lovely Ebb and Flow! I don’t repeat patterns often, but very occasionally I will 🙂