Coming soon: Starfall Cowl

Still on the assigned pooling bandwagon! I just blocked this, and I love it. It’s a fingering weight bandana cowl with a cascade of assigned pooling stars, and an Old Shale lace edging. This is one of my favorite looks to wear; it looks like a shawl but it stays on without a fuss.

I just finished writing the pattern and video tutorial, and it will be tech edited this week. I’m looking for a few test knitters; you’d need one skein of fingering weight yarn that’s dyed for assigned pooling, with a color pop of about 8” long. I used Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere.

Let me know if you’re interested!

12 responses to “Coming soon: Starfall Cowl

  1. Looks amazing! I’m interested, but must admit I’m up to my ears in other projects right now. I started an Eight Days of Easter kit from Purple Lamb that also has assigned pooling going on. Can’t wait to see how it works out.

  2. Design: GORGEOUS ! The usual amount of talent and creativity.
    Colourway: not a fan. Sorry to introduce a negative note.

  3. Hello I’m interested Michelle. How long do we have to knit it and what size needles?
    This is absolutely lovely

  4. Hello Michelle
    I would love to test for you. How long do we have to knit it and what size needles?
    This is lovely and amazing.

  5. I’m definitely interested in test knitting this!

  6. Oh this looks wonderful! I have this exact yarn and was looking for a pattern! Let me know if you still need a tester.

  7. Darlene Allen

    Interested test knit for you.

  8. Rorie Solberg

    I think I have some yarn that would work in my stash. If you haven’t already found enough folks, let me know.

  9. I love this! I’d be happy to be a test knitter if you still need some.

  10. Really enjoy the pooling design and how the contrast color stands out. Now if it will only do this for the rest of us.
    BTW, REALLY hope you find another publisher for your brioche book, I really want to learn and would love to get a copy as soon as it becomes available again.
    Always enjoy your stories…thank you for sharing, 😀

    • Assigned pooling is a little tricky; the yarn varies from skein to skein because they’re hand-dyed. Then add in gauge and where you start knitting in the skein, and you’ll never get exactly the same result! I’m learning to be a little more go with the flow, which isn’t my natural state. I keep telling the yarn: You’re not the boss of me!

      Getting closer to having printed books! I hope by the end of May. Thanks for your interest!