Brioche Knit Love review in Vogue Knitting

The new issue of Vogue Knitting is out to subscribers (thank you to Kathryn to sharing hers with me), and should be at your LYS soon.

My Brioche Knit Love was reviewed in this issue; here it is:

I’m so happy they liked it! I sent the book for review last fall. After that I found out that my publisher was closing, and the book was close to sold out. I bought the last 120 and have sold most of them via my two LYSes. (Those are gone now.) I have about 8 books left…If you want one right now, I can sell them as long as I have them.

I’m learning all sorts of things about self-publishing, including that I don’t want to have them printed myself (750 books at my house, and I would have to manage and distribute.) I’d earn more money that way, but I thought about it and realized I’d rather be knitting and designing. I’m working on having the book reformatted so I can use a Print on Demand service (my book isn’t a standard size for POD), and I’m also planning on publishing this as an ebook. I’m hoping there are physical books available by the end of May, and ebooks sooner than that. I’ll also be publishing individual patterns from the book, if that’s more your jam.

Step by step, and I’ll get there. But for now, I’m THRILLED by the review in Vogue Knitting!

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In the meantime…keep on knitting!

12 responses to “Brioche Knit Love review in Vogue Knitting

  1. Congratulations on so delightful a review, Michele !!

  2. Jacqueline Lydston

    I just opened up my Vogue Knitting magazine, saw the review of your book, and squealed, “I know her! This is so cool!!”

    Congratulations on the recognition and fame!

  3. If you still have any books left, I’d love to purchase one. Kate Kyler

  4. I got a copy early. Sounds like I lucked out! I’m currently knitting the Seagull Flight Shawl pattern and enjoying the experience.

  5. Oh good! I’m so glad there should be more options soon! The timing just didn’t work for me when it first came out, and I didn’t have the sense to ask you early enough to bring me one when you came to Halifax, so definitely excited for this news.


    I sent an earlier message that I would love to buy the book. Any left?

  7. Congratulations, what a great review!

  8. Congratulations!! Well deserved!

  9. Hi do you still have any copies of Brioche Knit Love, just read the VK review and am fairly sure getting a copy in the UK will be a challenge – thank you.