Saving yarn labels

I’m making a paper chain with the yarn labels from this year’s projects; it’s a tidy and visual way to remember what I’ve done. Ten projects by the first week of April feels pretty good.

So far, from the top: Fierce Fibers and Moss Fibers (for Ebb and Flow), Knit Picks Chroma (Aspen Leaf scarf and Athena Cowl), Yarn Snob (Pooling is a Cinch and Firefly Trails), Anzula Luxury Yarn (Aspen Leaf Coasters), Dream in Color Classy (Fanfare Cowl/Hat (2 of them) and the current project which isn’t named yet).

Also pictured: Yarn chicken mug by JaMPDX, and our ancient Darth Vader bank, which still works when you put coins in. Some heavy breathing, light saber waving, and a message: “Impressive. Most impressive. But you are not a Jedi yet!”

Do you save your yarn labels? If yes, how? I used to just throw them in a basket, but the chain is much more fun.

9 responses to “Saving yarn labels

  1. I save them so I’ll have reference to what the yarn is, but once I’ve wound it (or once I’ve actually used it) the label tends to end up in a knitting bag pocket with a bunch of other labels. Not very informative.

  2. Oh how many times I’ve wished I had, Michele .. 😦

  3. Kathryn Gearheard

    Perfect idea for yarn bands (labels). I never throw mine away but they end up with the remaining bits some where in my stash. I’ll keep one in stash now but make a chain with rest..much more enjoyable

  4. Leslie Fischgrund

    What a great idea

  5. Very fun idea for yarn labels! I do save mine. I keep a knitting journal and tape the yarn labels in there along with scraps of the yarns and so on. It’s helpful to refer back to sometimes!

  6. donnacunningham1

    I save the with the remains of the project. Plan to use like yarns scrap project.

  7. Meredith Coelho

    Okay, this is brilliant. You just solved an ongoing problem. Thank you!