Coming soon, Ebb and Flow

I didn’t frog; I finished!

And I love it with the lighter color on top. I’m so glad I didn’t frog it. Sometimes you have to tell that little voice to just go away. Blocking went fine, whew! But I think it will become less crisp the more I wear it; it’s 50/50 baby yak and silk.

This is the first one I knit while designing. It has a taller neck, and less down in the triangle. I think I like them both! This one is 85/15 superwash wool and nylon. The fabric has more body to it, which I also like.

What I really like is how the math works so elegantly for the increases in the triangle, so that each section is created in exactly the same way. Very satisfying for my inner nerd.

This shape is one of my favorites; it doesn’t fall off when you wear it. Do you have a preference on the neck/triangle options? I like having options! If you have a lot of yardage, you could have both a taller neck and a longer triangle.

On to test knitting and tech editing! This will be out in 2023. I’m looking forward to the new year. I hope you’re having a joyous holiday season!

13 responses to “Coming soon, Ebb and Flow

  1. Yes, you were right not to frog. (That’s coming from a person who tends to frog sooner than not !)
    It’s a gorgeous design. And if it doesn’t come off it’s a wonderful one, too ! You have so creative a mind, my small clever mate ! 😀

  2. I like both but the second one best.

  3. Sherry Bullard

    I love both versions, but maybe the longer neck just a little more. I like turtle necks though.
    The color gradient in both are great, and I agree the lighter neck color falling into the triangle is very eye catching.

    • And if you have a bigger skein of yarn, you could have both the taller neck AND the longer triangle! I’m just trying to fit it into 400-430 yards…because that’s what I had on hand.


  4. Michelle this is stunning, I want to make it! I love the symmetry and the pink fade. Is this a cowl or a triangle shawl? I can see how it could be both, but I like the idea of this being a triangle shawl without the high neck.

    • It’s a cowl that looks like a triangle shawl when it’s worn. I love this combo shape because it doesn’t fall off when I lean over, teaching! It stays around my neck where it belongs.

      The pink version has just a tiny bit of a cowl neck, so it looks more shawlish when worn. the blue one has a taller neck. I need to photograph these on my sister so you see what they look like on a person, but I’m waiting until I have all my pieces done and ready to go. (4 for the next photo shoot. Three down, one on the needles!)


      • Thanks, Michelle! Can’t wait to get the pattern. Do you think you will maybe produce a triangle shawl version as well? Warmly, Deb Samuels

      • I’d have to think about the math of that, and whether it could be as elegant as this. I think it could work for a plain triangle, but I prefer triangles with extended wings (heart shaped?) because they grow in width more quickly than they grow in length. That makes them more likely to wrap around yourself without being too deep, and possible to do with just one skein. A regular triangle would probably want 2 skeins instead of one, and I have a short attention span!


  5. What a great pattern! Very elegant design 🙂 Hope your holidays are wonderful as well!