Finish or frog?

I started this on vacation a couple weeks ago, and I was closing in on the end yesterday. Have you ever been knitting a gradient, and all of a sudden you begin to think that maybe you should have started at the other end? And that thought keeps buzzing around in your head?

Go Tell the Bees Shawl

This is my Go Tell the Bees, which is not what I’m knitting, but it’s the same colorway, with the deepest color at the top, and the lightest as the edging. I think it looks great that way, but I’d forgotten all about it. My current project is a top down cowlish thing, and the light color is at the top. I’m at the last 12 round repeat using the darkest part of the gradient, and I nearly frogged it yesterday.

I finished it this morning, put it around my neck, and the color was fine. Glad I didn’t frog it! It’s currently soaking so I can block it, and then comes the next test. I’ll find out if it was a mistake to not wash and block a swatch with this new to me yarn base of baby yak and silk. Fingers crossed!

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas! And happy solstice, too. (Pic from a previous year; we’re not that far into the holiday yet!)

8 responses to “Finish or frog?

  1. Personally, I doubt one ought ever frog for reasons of colour and finish the garment FOIST: one never knows !!! – as you didn’t, took the risk and saved the day.
    Well done you, my small clever friend !! 😀

  2. I agree which way you start the gradient on ‘most’ projects can make or break the look. But for a cowl, is it one you can wear right side up or upside down? If you can reverse it that would solve the problem, but guessing that you may not have that going on.

  3. Deborah Gudger

    Happy holidays, Michelle!
    Hope to see you at Red Alder!

  4. Happy Holidays! Cannot wait to see the finished product! I have heard it is better to have the lighter color closer to the face – but, who knows if that is true! Depends on the color?

  5. Happy holidays! The cowl color is so pretty 🙂