Color is a funny thing

Remember this color combo? I really wanted it to work for a version of my Cherry Blossom Wrapture for the Knit Picks IDP (Independent Design Partnership) program. I took it to Hawaii to knit after the Dotty Bed Socks (working, working, working). I liked the green and the pink together. I liked the green and the speckle together. I didn’t like the pink and the speckle together. Blergh. I tried to make it work by making the log cabin frame around the leafy center green instead of pink, hoping that using less pink would make it work.

I kept telling myself it was okay, but the pink still looks like a tacked on afterthought. The shawl was reading as way more green than pink, and it’s the pink that I’m most interested in. Over the course of vacation, I got word that this pattern will be featured by Knit Picks in spring 2022 for the IDP program, and the thought of it not being perfect made my stomach hurt. So I started poking at using a different color with the Poseidon and Italian Ice.

Camellia, Goddess, Turkish Delight

My options? Turkish Delight (a deeper and more magenta pink), or Goddess (straight up purple). I love the Goddess with the greens, but I don’t think the flowers would show up in a color that dark, so I decided to try the Turkish Delight.

I think Turkish Delight is a winner! Somehow it holds its own against the green and yellow, where the Camellia did not. So that’s how it’s going to be. I love it. Now I just have to finish knitting it, and re-writing parts of the pattern. I’ve done the math and know how big it’s going to be…yay math!

Bisquee is helping. She let me her pawdicure snips, because I left the snips from this project bag in my studio for a class.

What are you working on during this in-between week? Are you planning to celebrate the new year with a new cast on? I want to finish this project first, and I have miles of garter stitch to go…

11 responses to “Color is a funny thing

  1. Love your comments on color ! So glad to know that I am not the only one to find colors sometimes dance in unexpected ways!

    • I never really know with color, until I start knitting with them and see what happens! I don’t stash much, but some stash happens because things don’t work out as planned. I do love that first pink. I just have to figure out a better use for it. Maybe it wants to dance with the purple!

      > >

  2. [gasp !!] You used Biscuit’s scissors for YARN ???
    I’m amazed she didn’t bite your head off.
    And before you ask, no, I haven’t finished what I’m on so can’t begin on anything from The Book. 😦
    I shall more or less hurry ..

    • Bisquee would say that they’re not her scissors; she doesn’t want me to use them on her! She says I should only use them for Calvin.

      No hurry on knitting; that’s what 2022 is for. I’m trying to finish up this shawl before moving on to a new project. I usually do things one at a time, or I’d never finish anything.

      I’m glad the book made its way to you!

      > >

  3. I like the first pink, but that second pink is probably even better!
    I had a very tough time deciding what colours to dye for mine! Colour can be very tricky!

    • I love that first pink, just not in combination with the other two colors. And I never know until I start knitting, although this time I had my suspicions. The yellowy background on the speckle looked white on the website; It’s hard picking colors without holding them in my hand. I love your shawl!

      > >

  4. Meredith Coelho

    Color is a funny thing. I like the choice you made, and the peek behind the curtain. I can’t wait to see this one.

    • I’m so much happier with the new pink! The old one was making my stomach hurt…a beautiful color by itself, but not good in the combination. I should have listened to that little voice sooner! But I was busy knitting the Dotty socks, so there was really only a little knitting time wasted on a bad color combo.

      > >

  5. That second pink really is better in this combination – great pick 🙂

  6. The shade you decided on, works beautifully. It amazes me how such subtle changes can transform a project.