Christmas aloha

It’s been a minute or two, hasn’t it? I came home from Minnesota on a Friday, did a book signing and taught on the weekend, and left for Hawaii on Monday…two and a half weeks ago?!

We had planned for the kids to be with us, but after traveling at Thanksgiving and then learning of the omicron variant, they decided to opt out this year. That left us with the usual 3 BR condo, and lots of room to spread out. We worked *and* played.

Not a bad place to knit! I decided that I wanted the Dotty Bed Socks to have the dot pattern on the top of the instep, instead of an all striped instep, but some of my test knitters loved that wrap around stripe. Which do you like?

Knitter’s choice! Instructions for both insteps will be in the pattern. I’ll publish it next week, or the week after, along with the Slip Away Cowl. If you’re interested in a combo deal, make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter!

Slip Away Cowl

Now I’m home, and scrambling to catch up. (More aloha pictures at the end of this post.) I put up new Christmas lights on the house on Tuesday. I still need to put the knitted fairy lights on my wreath, hopefully today.

The tiny tree is up, and both Biscuit…

…and Calvin have investigated. One of my Korknisse was missing, but I found him under the piano, and all is well.

Three Wise Guys

I just made a batch of Irish Cream for gifts. The recipe is in this post, and the picture is a re-run because it’s biz (Bisquee?) as usual around here! Onto the next thing! But I’ll leave you with a little more aloha…

yellow billed cardinal
a brazen Zebra dove
Java finches (Java sparrows)
A rum pum pum pog…

Mele Kalikimaka to you!

18 responses to “Christmas aloha

  1. Looks like you and the DH had a great time in Hawaii, Michele: I particularly like the look of the Rum Pum Pum pog (whatever that is). 🙂
    As a non sock knitter, I like the striped instep. And I LOVE the cowl – that’s slip-stitch/mosaic, right ? Think I’ll be buying that pair, on the offchance I can get started on a sock ..

    • POG is pineapple/orange/guava juice, and I mixed it with rum and a little club soda. Rum pum pum pog is just what was running through my head because of that Little Drummer Boy song. Not my favorite, so I had to drown my dislike for it!

      Yes the cowl is slip stitch/mosaic knitting. Pattern coming soon, this week or next. Probably next. So many steps before hitting the “publish” button! Blog page, blog post, Ravelry setup, Payhip setup, coupon setup, newsletter, Instagram. And that’s all after writing the patterns and having them tech edited/test knit. Whew!

      > >

  2. Wait! Michelle, is that a Cardinals hat on that man’s head? Shocking!!! LGM!

  3. What idyllic pix! And the innocent cats planning their next raid..

  4. you really have a lovely place to spend the festive season in Merry Christmas to you

  5. Loved the pix of your Hawaii adventure. Looks great! Enjoy your holiday. I look forward to seeing you in January. Joyeaux Noel!
    Anna Roeser

  6. You have been busy! Looks like a wonderful place to relax for the holiday 🙂 I like the dots on the top of the instep best, but both options are pretty.

  7. Such beautiful things you knit and design, Michele! It was a pleasure to meet you in Ellensburg and I’m learning to put the leaf design on my cashmere blend hat–need to work on it some more. I don’t knit socks. But I’m trying to find the Slip Away Cowl pattern–love it! Your Hawaii pics are a double-edged sword as I look out on a couple feet of snow.

    • Thank you! I’m not one for knitting socks either, unless they’re worsted weight. Then they’re quick enough that I don’t mind. The Slip Away Cowl pattern is coming out this week or next (so many steps before clicking “publish”). It’s a fun knit, in nice bite sized pieces! Wishing I were in Hawaii right now; it’s chilly in PDX but we didn’t get much snow. Such a tease! Lots of snow to the north and south of us. It’s such a novelty act here…I like it for 2 days, and then it can go away!

      > >