Book going to print!

I just finished all the edits on my book with my publisher, and it’s off to the printer! It’s so pretty. I’m looking forward to being able to share it with you. Soon! But not yet.

While I was waiting to see the layout so I could finish the edits, I went camping with a group of friends. We were at Lost Lake near Mt. Hood (Wy’east). A great place to knit! There’s not much snow on the mountain this summer; it has been hot and dry. Fires are currently not permitted in the national forests, so we didn’t get to hang around the campfire this time.

The alpenglow at sunset was still pretty, though!

There were two tent sites in my campsite; I pitched my tent up this set of stairs, and felt like a princess in the tower. A perfect place to knit.

A clearer picture of the mountain. One of my favorite sights, from land or sky.

And now I’m home, my edits are done, and the waiting begins. Publication day for my book is October 19, if all goes according to plan. This week I’m working on stuff for Knit Camp at the Coast (virtual), which will be September 16-18. Are you joining in? I’m teaching log cabin knitting, and I’ve added some fun new material for this event. And I’ve signed up for the whole event, so I’ll be there for more than just the class I’m teaching.

I’m also working on another virtual event for November. That little snippet of knitting in the first picture is part of what I’m teaching. It’s time to get my samples knit, and my handouts writ!

Hard to believe it’s September already…summer flew by, and my autumn calendar is filling quickly. What are you up to this fall?

6 responses to “Book going to print!

  1. Wunderbar !! – isn’t it just .. thrilling ?! 🙂
    Will we be buying from the printers ? – don’t you go offering special low prices, Michele – we are all happy to pay the price the publisher asks !!
    Camping is, a dear friend has been telling me for many years, a great thing to do .. She’s a walker, you know ? At least you do sensible things like knitting ! [grin]

    • It *is* thrilling! I love the way it looks, at least in the pdf that I reviewed. The book should be available via local yarn shops in the US and I think in Canada, too. It will also be available from the publisher, and if she doesn’t ship to Australia, I’ll work something out for you myself!

      Camping is lovely, when the weather is nice. I’m a fair weather camper. And I don’t have any cooking gear, so I have to camp with friends who do. There were six of us. Some were avid hikers, and some were avid crafters! I’m somewhere in the middle.

      > >

  2. Congratulations! that is a huge accomplishment!

  3. Meredith Coelho

    I love lost lake! I camped near there for a few weeks 20 years ago and the memories still make me smile. It’s a beautiful area, and I feel so lucky to live in this state with so many landscapes. I’m so excited about your book!

  4. Oh btw (that’s a joke !) .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Sunday, you small clever darlin !!! I shall think of your with your shining cap of hair being made glorious by one of your caps – which has to be Deep End, I feel.
    I suppose the DH will treat you to something special ? Will you tell us what it was ?
    XO from Downunder

  5. Congratulations! Looking forward to picking up a copy!