Frogging, refinishing, classes, and a retreat

I love my Cherry Blossom Wrapture; it’s so pretty. But it’s huge! When I designed and knit the sample, I wanted to see how far the yarn would go, and it went this far. 98 inches wide, which is a lot of wrap(ture) for a 5’2” person. So this week, I’m frogging the ends to take off 4 sets of stripes from each end. That’s a lot of frogging, but it’s all modular so it’s really easy to know when to stop.

I’m well on my way; one end is already done. I’m featuring this piece, as well as my other log cabin knits (Log Cabin Baby Blanket, Snowy Woods Log Cabin Blocks) in a video class I’m making for Olive Knits/Knit Camp’s Knit Camp at the Coast Retreat in September. The virtual retreat is open for registration to members of Knit Camp, a virtual club that has activities all year long. For knitters who aren’t Knit Camp members, registration will open on August 16.

I’m not a member of Knit Camp (yet?), but I’m going to register for the retreat. The other teachers are Marie Greene (founder of Olive Knits and Knit Camp), Marceline Smith (Hey Brownberry), Amy Detjen, Stephanie Lotven (Tellybean Knits), Shawna Clingerman, Marcie Leek, and Heather Best, teaching topics from knitting to lettering to yoga, and more.You can read all about it here. The retreat is September 16-18, online. Classes are recorded, and playback is limited to two weeks, just in case you can’t participate in real time.

This is the video class that I mentioned in a previous post. It’s based on my log cabin knitting class that I’ve taught before, but I’m adding new shapes and ideas for more log cabin knitting fun. (I learned some new things with Cherry Blossom Wrapture.) I’ve written the script, knit the step-outs and samples, and now I need to practice, time, record, edit, and compile. Never a dull moment around here!

I don’t have any in-person classes scheduled for fall yet. Are you still taking online classes? Are you taking in-person classes? What’s the mood out there these days?

6 responses to “Frogging, refinishing, classes, and a retreat

  1. I love the zoom classes. No traveling, hotel and food costs and so many more people can attend. A win, win for everyone!

  2. I have actually not been knitting since everything went virtual. I did one knit along…that’s it. Cannot seem to find my knitting mojo but I desperately miss it. As for preference, I prefer both. I like the in person atmosphere but also like the convenience of at home—no need to jump in the car—comfort.

    • I like both, too. But it’s been really handy having all my supplies and materials right here with me. And the one nice thing about Zoom is that everyone can see my hands at the same time!

      I hope you get your knitting mojo back soon. Maybe you need an inspirational skein of yarn…

      > >

  3. You gave me angst when you mentioned frogging the wrap. I am so relieved to know it was just a few sections. It looks lovely.

    • Yes, I only frogged the ends! If I had wanted to be really meticulous, I would have frogged the very last log and re-knit it, so it would have the same selvedge edge as all the other logs. but I just picked up and bound off along that edge as a continuation of the bind off of the previous log. The yarn is so kinky after blocking, I didn’t want to frog and reknit an entire log with it. You’d have to look pretty closely to notice that it’s different!

      > >