Time out, time shift

I took a break on Sunday and Monday, since weekends aren’t a real thing around here lately. On Sunday DH and I took a walk on Mt. Tabor, an extinct volcano cinder cone. I’ve probably posted pictures from there before, but there we were again!

One of the reservoirs on Mt. Tabor, inactive now

Our city water used to be held in reservoirs on Mt. Tabor, but now they’re underground. The city kept the old reservoirs because they are beautiful and add to the atmosphere of this city park.

There’s currently a piano at the top of Mt. Tabor. I’m not sure why it’s there, but it’s available for public play.

And there’s one place at the top to peek at Mt. Hood, through the trees.

On Monday, I went hiking with the kids in MacLeay and Forest Parks. I love that there are easily accessible green spaces in the city.

Tiny waterfall on Balch Creek
Watching water skimmers and crayfish
Tinier waterfall
This must have made a heck of a noise when it split the other tree
The leaves were nearly fluorescent

The weather has been beautiful this past week. And now it’s back to work. One more thing to design for my book. Things are moving along. Tech editing is under way. Our first photo shoot is this week; I’m looking forward to it. There are still a few things to finish knitting, for a later shoot. And then a lot of work putting it all together. I’m pretty excited about this!


6 responses to “Time out, time shift

  1. Beautiful photos, Michelle! Thanks for the shared micro-vacation🧳

  2. Sandy Whittington

    You can go to: http://www.pianopushplay.com
    to read about the piano project. Such a wonderful way to refurbish old pianos and make them available during the summer to the public and then to schools in the fall. ❤️

    • Thanks for the info! I was an adult piano student for 9 years, but stopped playing when knitting took over my life. I’ve been playing a little bit this week, trying to read through old pieces. It’s SLOW going! Good thing I like adagio…

  3. How beautiful, Michele !
    I wondered if we were going to get a third and teeny-weeny waterfall .. 😀
    I’m so glad that appalling heat has gone, you poor buggers !

    • Well, there was a third teeny weeny waterfall at the bottom of that sluice gate, but the rocks and trees above were a better picture, so there you have it!

      Getting warm again, but not nearly as hot as the heat dome. Hoping August stays reasonable; it’s usually our hottest month. It’s so DRY here, though.


  4. Good for you guys getting out and about! Looks like you had great weather for it 🙂 Thanks for sharing your pictures 🙂