Book getting closer to real

I finished the final design for my book last Wednesday night, just in time for our photo shoot on Thursday morning!

My publisher is in Salem, Oregon, so we met at Archive Coffee and Bar in Salem. Cute place. Nice coffee. I didn’t partake at the bar, but it looks impressive.

I can’t show you my actual knitting, so check out this artful blur. Yarn is Hazel Knits Artisan Sock, in Iris and Cackle.

More blur. But I’m looking forward to sharing these projects with you this fall! Progress on the book is coming along; I have two more items that need to be photographed, and then a bunch tutorial photographs. I’m not the photographer, so I’m not too fussed about that. But the patterns are finished, and the tech editing is also done, as of last week. Now I just need to do all the writing for the parts before and between the patterns. I’m on my way!

I also need to do some work for a video class that I’ll be recording in August, for a September event. Deadlines for that are coming up soon, too. I’m glad I can shift my work around to fit my very flexible schedule.

You know what doesn’t respect a schedule? Ripe produce! I picked plums at my friend Linda’s house, which meant I had to jam them right away. I made plum jam with ginger bits and bourbon. And because I couldn’t find a record of my final be all and end all recipe, except in Facebook comments on a post from last year, I’m noting this here. Sure Jell recipe, and at the end add a generous 1/4 cup bourbon, and 1/4 cup Penzey’s Sweet Ginger Bits. Perfect.

Also, it was such a pretty picture, I ran it through the Waterlogue app to “paintify” it. Happy summer!

10 responses to “Book getting closer to real

  1. So excited for you. All these deadlines coming to an end with a finished product to be proud of.
    And yummy plums. Got to try a few that she brought to us at coffee Friday

    • A lot of work and a lot of fun! And I can smell the sweet perfume of plums as I sit here typing…because I have another bowlful, slated to be jammed sometime today. The schedule is full, and plums wait for no one!

      > >

  2. You seem to’ve arrived at the fun stage, dear Michele, if you can be so cool about this madly exciting happening ! 🙂
    I do hope your publishers will launch your book, rather than do absolutely nothing (like mine did). I’m sure you’ll let us know, when the time comes.
    Keep at it kid – the best is yet to come !

  3. So exciting! You have so many wonderful things going on 🙂 And the plum jam sounds wonderful!

  4. Kathryn Gearheard

    Whoppee! Can’t wait to buy the book. What a productive summer you’ve had. Since yellow is my favorite color the plums made my brain tingle, in both straight forward and waterlogue versions…I love playing with that app too.