Leaf season

The leaves on my maple tree outside my studio window are nearly gone. It’s been a glorious season. I still have leaves on my mind, though.

Coming soon: Leafy Origami Cowl. This worsted weight project is flying along!

The stitch pattern makes the fabric fall into mountain and valley folds, like origami folds. It’s a fun rhythmic brioche knit.

Blocking makes a big difference on this piece!

I’m looking for a few test knitters who are experienced with brioche increases and decreases. This project takes some special attention on a few of the rounds because the markers need to move forward or backward by 2 stitches to keep things orderly. Of course, I made a video tutorial for moving the markers!

Let me know if you’re interested! I’m hoping to publish this pattern in early to mid-December.

6 responses to “Leaf season

  1. Jacqueline Lydston

    I’ll do it! I love love love brioche, especially your patterns! And I’ve got some Malabrigo Rios that would be lovely.

  2. Wish I was good enough – it would be such an honour.
    But realistically I’m too prone to errors, much and all as I love this craft.

  3. That is so so pretty!

  4. I would like to test knit the new leafy cowl if you need someone else. I wouldn’t be able to start till the weekend though. I’ve been knitting lots of brioche and feel comfortable with it. I’m addicted to Brioche and your patterns.