Binding off in the round

I was just finishing another cowl knit in the round, and I realized that I haven’t shown you how I like to finish my bind off. It’s very neat and tidy.

Easy peasy. Now I’ve shown you my favorite ways to begin *and* end your project in the round. If you missed my post about joining to work in the round, here it is again:

And yes, the new project is yet another brioche cowl. Going on a deep dive here. I just can’t get enough! Sneak peek coming soon.

4 responses to “Binding off in the round

  1. I absolutely loved your tutorial! You were clear and concise and the pictures defined exactly what we need to do to follow along! I appreciate you sharing with us!

  2. You have a very easy voice to listen to, my clever friend ! – I meant to tell you that AGES ago .. 🙂