The Knitting Circle

You may have a knitting circle of your own; i certainly miss my knit nite crew! But the Knitting Circle I want to tell you about is something completely different.

During this pandemic summer, I had the opportunity to make video tutorials for a new venture, The Knitting Circle. It’s a place to learn about knitting, online. The website just launched last week. Now I keep seeing my face chatting away in their Facebook ads. Startling!

The site has blog posts and instructional videos. Due to the pandemic, the teachers made videos in our home studios. I learned a lot about lighting, recording, and editing! They turned out well. Some of the videos are free, and some are premium pieces that require a subscription to watch. The subscription is $49/year, but there’s a special offer for $2 USD for the first year. For that price, I’d subscribe! I think if you sign up for their newsletter, you’d get the offer, or you can claim it through their Facebook ad. I’ve posted their ad on my Facebook page to make it easier for you to find.

Use the link below to get to the site; this is just a picture!

Here’s a link to my blog posts there; they are free content but link to free or premium videos. These are all complete blog posts, no subscription needed to read them.

So why would you want to subscribe to The Knitting Circle, when there are a million videos on YouTube? Curation. The teachers on the site are carefully chosen; we’re experts! My teacher cohort includes Jen Lucas, Corinna Ferguson, Mary Beth Temple, and Jill Wright.

The Knitting Circle is a venture from TN Marketing; they also have sites for sewing, quilting, photography, RV restoration, bowling, and more. They are also the new owners of Craftsy.

I’ve enjoyed working with them, and I learned lots of new skills this summer. Having a knitting studio at home is coming in handy! All of my Zoom classes are there, and my own videos are getting better and better, too.

How has pandemic living changed how you work?

17 responses to “The Knitting Circle

  1. Your smiling face and nimble fingers popped up today in an add on one of my mindless games!

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  2. I don’t find any ‘a special offer for $2 USD for the first year’ and I did sign up for the newsletter too.

  3. Very cool! I hope it does well for you.
    The pandemic hasn’t changed much for me, I already worked from home. Grocery shopping is a pain, but even that feels normal now.
    Dave however, is a music teacher (one on one lessons) and went from teaching in person to teaching by Zoom. It was an adjustment, but now he actually likes it – and he says some of his kids are way more focused.

  4. Lori Ann Brass

    I tried to subscribe but the subscription seems to be $49. Is there a coupon code?

  5. Congratulations – that is wonderful! I will have to check it out. Do you know if you and the other teachers will be part of the new Craftsy, or if The Knitting Circle is its own separate thing?

    • Thank you! The Knitting Circle and Craftsy are two separate enterprises. I’d love to do a Craftsy class someday, if they are making new content. No filming at their studios for now…

      • I have been hanging in there with Craftsy, but haven’t seen anything new at all. But the new company just took over, so hopefully that will change. I do plan to check out The Knitting Circle as well 🙂

      • I’m pretty sure there is no new filming going on right now, unless teachers are doing it in home studios. Looking forward to safer times!

        > >

      • That’s true – it would be really a lot of hassle for them to fly people in and have them in the studios. Plus really it seems like they are just getting it up and running right now.

  6. I get grumpy when special offers are made via social networking, Clever One. As a pensioner, the difference between $2 and $49 is not small. The other thing that distressed me is that I don’t see how to sign up for a month – the site offers only the annual fee.
    Having finally finished the unpacking, with the willing help of a beautiful young Vietnamese mum, who’s married to our Building Manager, I sat down to read a mail from YOU, with joy. But the site removed it.
    Sighh ..

    • I’m definitely not in charge of marketing this! I’m wondering, though, if you can click on the link that I made to my Facebook page (because it’s a business page, I think it’s public?) which would make it accessible even if you’re not on FB. Scroll down to the ad that I shared there?

      If it is indeed $2 for the year, sign up and set a reminder in your calendar to cancel a month before your year is up. That’s what I’d do! I may actually do that, if I don’t get premium access by virtue of being a contributor there.

      Which email are you missing? Is it my newsletter? I’ll forward you a copy, just in case…