The river runs on

It was a big week! I did a little knitting, and a lot of teaching.

Here’s the little knitting, before. I ripped back my Rio Calina a bit. I learned that it’s not so much the direction of the cable cross that drives me, but the over/under. I didn’t like long snakey lines that continued uncrossed on the top of the fabric, so I changed it! Do you see what I did?

I like it a lot better this way.

The squash I’ve been pollinating (plant sex!) in the garden did some sneaky growing while I wasn’t paying attention. It got big!

I guess the bees can manage from here on out.

I used one of the squash on a pizza. Same basic structure as the puff pastry tarts in previous posts, but this is a little more substantial than the puff pastry.

Do you remember mug cakes, from a few years ago? We needed a small dessert, so I made a mug cake. This is half, plus some goodies. Here’s the recipe.

I taught 4 classes for Virtual VKLive, including Syncopation, which made its VKLive debut. It was really fun; my students were awesome!

Now I’m working on more video tutorials, and launching a Payhip store. More on that later.

Knit on!

7 responses to “The river runs on

  1. PayHip ??? – oh, never mind.
    Rio Calina is looking wonderful: I hope Cat is still following.
    STOP WITH THE FOOD !! – it makes me drool. And that makes me go into the kitchen an eat something. You are a dangerous woman, Michele ! 😀
    Tell me, please, about those little net bags ..?

  2. The cowl is looking beautiful!

  3. The Rio Catalina is looking great! It is an interesting pattern in that it gives the knitter an excuse to play around with cables at random. Thanks for sharing the mug cake recipe – I was just thinking about those! Great class Sunday – I enjoyed it and learned a lot!

    • I hadn’t played with random cables before; it is hard to be random and also like what I see! I keep trying to make up rules for when/how I cable cross. I like order, a lot…

      Make sure you use a jumbo mug for the mug cake; it’s huge. Two very reasonable servings. Especially if you add ice cream.

      Thanks for coming to class! I was really happy with it; that was the first VKL outing for it. I taught it once as an LYS class, and once as an LYS Zoom class because in-person was canceled. In both those cases, they were 3 hour classes, starting with the flat brioche. I think it’s so much smoother as 2 hours, homework done. That gets the initial kinks ironed out!

      > >

  4. Arlene Stakic

    I LOVE THAT cabled beauty….there’s more INTEREST in the second efforts….I love it when you share your creative food! Arlene

  5. Debbie Gudger

    You identified the problem perfectly. I started a similar one of Cat’s shawls at her San Juan Island retreat a few years ago and got stuck when I had the same issue…it didn’t look right but I wasn’t sure why or how to fix it. I need to get it out and correct the flow. Thanks!

  6. Arlene Stakic

    I haven’t knit for about a week…finished a pair of socks that I took off the needles to do the knit sky KAL, then put them back on and knit them up……….then had awful news….and it was just yesterday I had surgery to remove a cluster of carcinoma from my right breast….I am really good today….mobile, awake….I couldn’t sleep until after 4 AM…’s on the side I usually sleep on….drat….and I was having a hard time staying off there! Just like a kid! My husband has been making meals…..that meant sardines on toast last night! LOL well, it tasted awfully good! I am just starting another new shawl…waiting for my yarn for the beautiful Lucky Star shawl. It seemed hard to me to find the right amount of black and I’m hoping that was not because of the current movement of goods to market….I am expecting that any day now….I can’t wait to do that shawl!!