Life’s a beach

I was lucky to get away for a bit this past week. Walking on a beach on a cool sunny day is a great way to clear one’s head. And the lack of things to trip on make walking free and easy, unlike walking on sidewalks in town.

One of my favorite beach walks is south of Cannon Beach, beginning at Tolovana and heading south to Jockey Cap and Silver Point. It’s much quieter down that way, away from Haystack Rock.

Further down the coast, north of Rockaway, looking back to see Twin Rocks. (I do love monoliths.)

I spotted this sea lion on Nedonna Beach at the South Nehalem Bay Jetty.

Looks like someone needs a cuppa coffee! He did swim back out to sea after this.

Lots of jellyfish on the beach, some big and some small.

I saw the Big Dipper each night, and managed to catch it with my iPhone. Turn up your screen brightness if you need help to see it.

And I finished knitting Half the Knit Sky for my KAL, just in time. (See how I snuck the knit sky in with the night sky?) Now it’s time to block. If you’re knitting along, post a picture by August 31 for the last round of prizes.

It was a lovely getaway. Back to work!

9 responses to “Life’s a beach

  1. Oh, the beach ! I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, Michele, where the beaches are blindingly white and the sea almost always welcoming .. but no monoliths to make a dramatic skyline ! 🙂 PLENTY of jellyfish but.
    Are you on holidays then ? – or just being daytrippers ?

    • A quick 2 night getaway, but back home now.

      Perth! How did you come to be at the other side of the continent? We looked at visiting Australia a couple years ago, but when I found out that Australia is as big as the continental US, I realized that I needed to budget more time. So it got shelved, and now we’re going nowhere for a while…

      > >

  2. Looks like a really lovely place for a beach getaway!

  3. Yay for the Oregon coast. There’s nothing like a sunny day on the beach here, because there’s so few of them. I love your Keens! Going off to look for a pair.

    • When the sun comes out, it’s so brilliantly beautiful! Re: the Keens: I have 3 pairs, and this is the most comfortable of all. Squishy insole, and open toe to not trap sand inside.

      Actually, I gave the third pair to my mom. I bought them to replace the black closed-toe sandals, which were lost for a year…in a suitcase! Winter vacation with summer stuff. when I found them, I didn’t need 3 pairs.

      > >

  4. Beautiful. I hope to one day make it down that way!