Sneaker Wave! Coming soon…

Earlier this spring, Knit Picks gave me the opportunity to try out a new yarn, Chroma Twist Bulky. I love Chroma Worsted, so I jumped at the chance. I chose this color, Narwhal.

I knew I wanted to make some bulky mitts, based on a recipe I dashed off on a piece of paper for my friend Vickie back in 2012. I thought it would be a fairly simple process of reverse engineering the picture she sent me back then.

Reader, I knit the first mitt 4 times, fussing with needle size, cable frequency, cable placement, thumb gore increase options (lifted/m1/other) and rate of increase, and more. Sometimes designing is more engineering than art. But after that, the second mitt was easy. Behold, a vertically centered cable that is neither too tight nor too loose.

I asked for 2 skeins, knowing I wanted to design a matching hat. It was going to be a basic ribbed hat with a single cable as a feature, but the cable didn’t look nearly as impressive on the bigger field of a hat, compared to a single cable on a mitt. MORE CABLES, PLEASE.

And thank you.

I’m really pleased with the finish on the crown.

I loved knitting with this yarn; it’s big and chewy like bucatini pasta. It’s plied rather than a single ply, which gives it more durability than my beloved Chroma Worsted. And it knits up fast! The color is a gentle gradient back and forth; I played around a bit to make sure the mitts had some shading, because the first one I knit was all one color, no thank you. It went to the frog pond and I started from the other end of the skein for the next attempt.

I also played with my hat so that it would begin with the darker shade next to my face, because that’s the shade I liked best.

I’m just going to make these as one size fits most, which is not my usual. Both the hat and the mitts are very stretchy because they’re basically just ribbing. If I add more stitches, it will throw off the perfect symmetry. If you really wanted to change the size a bit up or down, you could do it by changing the needle size. I liked the fabric best on US 9, but US 8 made a great fabric, too. The ball band recommends a US 10, so it’s all covered.

I’ve written the pattern, and it’s been tech edited already, too. I’m looking for a few test knitters for the hat, or mitts, or both. Drop me a line if you’re interested. The hat takes 100g/127 yards, and the mitts take the same. And they’re quick!

11 responses to “Sneaker Wave! Coming soon…


    I love these and would love to test if I could use another bulky yarn. I’ve tested crochet and Tunisian crochet quite a few times.

  2. Michelle Corcoran

    I’d love to test knit these for you. The cables look great, and I’m a fool for anything coast, beach, and ocean!

  3. I’d love to test knit! Email:

  4. Bravo to you and Knit Picks! (Again)….it’s too hot to think about at the moment but the big cable on the wrist is telling me not to forget about it for Christmas gifts…

  5. Reverse engineering ? – in KNITTING ?
    I’m beginning to think you”re pretty clever.
    Hang on ! – I’ve thought that since I found you online.
    You might just be my cleverest online friend ! 🙂

  6. What a great cozy looking set!

  7. Andrea Roosth

    Hi! This is Andrea and we met in Portland at a brioche knitting class you gave (although I flew in from Texas)! I would be happy to test knit your cabled mittens and hat – I have been knitting a cable pattern fingerless mitten pattern for years – it would be a pleasure. Tell me what you need me to do to take it from here. Also, if this is just a misunderstanding that is ok, too! I see your friend’s request was in 2012 so I thought perhaps this is a re-post? Stay safe! The world needs you!!! Andrea

    • Hi, Andrea: I remember you and your mom from the brioche class; I think it was Syncopation, at Twisted! I have enough test knitters for now for the hat and mitts, but thank you very much for getting in touch. Hope you and Mom are well!

      > >

  8. Andrea Roosth

    P.S. Do you need to see an example of some of my knitting? Here is an early attempt at a cabled sweater (before blocking)for my sister. [image: image.png]