the week that was

When I was jamming and knitting at Vickie’s house last week, she showed me a couple yarns that she had picked up. She wanted to make some cabled fingerless mitts with a bulky yarn, but the pattern she had chosen didn’t work at that gauge. Hmmmm. I have a free fingerless mitt pattern at that gauge, but no cable. (Also, that pattern needs a revamp for the thumb, so don’t count on it right now.)

So I thought about how to add that cable, jotted down some notes for her, and voila! Her cabled fingerless mitt.

Do you want to knit these? I’m planning on re-writing the (very brief) pattern, which was more of a dashed off recipe at the time. It’s on the to-do list…

What else happened this last week? I finished this Snowflake Christmas Stocking at knit nite.

green stocking

I started it a long time ago when I was teaching a class. I found it in my UFOs (unfinished objects!). All it needed was an i-cord hanging loop and weaving in all the ends. It’s actually a quick knit in heavy worsted weight yarn; I had just forgotten all about it. Now it’s done, and it’s going to be a gift.

I’m also working a Webfoot scarf for my Silver and Gold Filigree KAL. It’s Webfoot instead of Filigree, but it’s definitely gold! I was planning to knit Filigree in silver, but it turns out that I need this particular scarf for someone. Are you knitting along? I know that there have been some KAL sales through Ravelry, but I haven’t heard from KAL knitters. I’d love to know how you’re doing. Don’t forget, there’s a drawing after December 25 for a skein of fingering weight yarn for KAL finishers.

And last but not least?


A bunch of thrums, waiting for a knitting project. It’s a lot easier to thrum when the thrums are made up ahead of time. I think a lot of people are knitting Thrumbelina right now; I’m seeing patterns fly out the digital door! ‘Tis the season for the gift of warm feet. This just makes me want to thrum some more. I was wearing my Thrumbelina slippers today, and they are still very cozy. I like wearing them with socks, because they’re slightly more cushy that way, and it puts off having to launder them.

(old pic, just so you know what I’m talking about)

I haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet! And we are celebrating Hanukkah, too.


Are you gift knitting? How’s it going?

13 responses to “the week that was

  1. Love the color on the cabled mitt!

    No Christmas knitting for me. Don’t need the stress! LOL

    Happy Chanukkah!

  2. What is a thrum? As to whether I’m gift knitting… the answer is that I should be, as I’m partway through several Christmas knits: a few pairs of socks and a sweater. But I keep getting distracted by other things.

  3. Love the mittens. Such gorgeous, intense purple! The stocking is gorgeous. It will make someone very happy for sure. I have a feel of those UFOs with little finishing…maybe…I’ll pull ’em out. Thrummed knit is so “right” for these past few days…it’s COLD here in the high desert. And I don’t complain about cold normally.

    Very little or no shopping, I am more into hand/home-made in the last few years. Nope…I haven’t started the holiday knits yet. I know…it will happen. Knowing me…my needles would be clicking away on Christmas Eve lol (Actually, I did…completely forgotten…a sweater and a couple of shawls/scarves.)

    Happy Hanukkah!

    • I don’t like the pressure of holiday deadline knitting, but I don’t mind shopping my stash of sample knits! I’ve knit them all year, and I know I won’t be wearing or needing all of them, so they make great gifts.

      I knit all my thrums, so I have to make more before I an knit further. Guess I should do that now!

  4. I solemnly declared that this would be a non-gift knitting Christmas this year. The last two years I’ve stressed myself out getting things done, and I don’t want that this year. I’m still gift knitting (a sock) right now, but it’s not for Christmas.

    P.S. – If those thrumbs need a good home, you’re welcome to send them my way! 😉

    • I’m just knitting one gift, but shopping through my stash of things I’ve knit this year for gifts to give! Definitely low stress this way. I don’t do the holiday deadline gift knitting; it would make me unhappy.

      I’ve knit all the thrums in that box, and have to make more before I can continue knitting my project…

  5. My daughter wore a hole in her thrummed slippers I made in your class. Not sure how to fix them…:(

  6. I am still knitting Brian’s sweater. And I just found that I am two stitches off on the split for the zipper opening, and it would be VERY obvious. 9 loooooooong rows in cabled decrease must come out and be redone. For two stinkin stiches. Ugh! At this rate it will be a Valentine sweater.