Tonal Contrast in the Knit Sky, redux

Remember this? I really liked how the smaller/whiter ball was popping against the dark blue background, but I didn’t have enough to knit a whole shawl with this leftover half ball.

The more heavily speckled/creamier ball had more color than I liked in the big stars. (This was also against a lighter background, so it had even less pop.) What to do?

Mix and match! I’m using the whiter/less speckled yarn for the single stitch stars, and for the big star stitch rows. I’m using the specklier yarn for the star trails, and I love how it looks. It’s blending really well. I didn’t take out the very first set of star trails; they’re so short that the less speckled yarn was a better choice there.

I’ll still keep the overall combined contrast color to 100g for test knit math purposes. But this night sky version is making me very happy.

weighing yarn for half the knit sky

I have enough of the blue to finish as written, but not enough to add any extra rows. Good to know! I like that I can figure this out without playing yarn chicken. Instructions for weighing (ha!) your options are in the pattern.

Note that Biscuit is helping me here.

Are you interested in a KAL? I think this could also be a fun class; it has a few interesting techniques, and you’d learn them all at the beginning. Hmmmm…..

7 responses to “Tonal Contrast in the Knit Sky, redux

  1. Ellen McPherson

    I would participate in a KAL. I love this shawl. I was curious about it when I saw a little of it in your VVKL blocking class or in the Knit Picks interview you recently streamed, can’t remember where I first saw it. The darker blue solid is so gorgeous and makes the lighter yarns pop so much more than the lighter blue solid.

  2. This is so GORGEOUS, this pattern, Michele – and so .. so inventive ! A truly original creation !
    Have I told you that you are really clever ?

  3. That contrast really is beautiful!

  4. Regina Clementi

    I am definitely interested in a class.

  5. Definitely interested in a class and/or KAL! I’ve already started poking around in my stash and looking on KnitPicks to see what would work out best 🙂

    • I see that my beloved Blueberry Speckle is back ordered to OCTOBER! But there are lots of options. I love the gradients for the background; a couple of my test knitters have used gradient, and it’s definitely swoon-worthy.

      I need to start one more, just to see if all talking points can be handled in a 2 hour class. And I think a KAL would be fun!

      > >

      • I actually found a beautiful dark blue in stash and found a pretty white yarn with sparkle at my LYS for the stars 🙂 Ready when the pattern is!