Bluprint/Craftsy update

If you’re a previous Craftsy/Bluprint purchaser/subscriber, you’ll be pleased to know that their assets have been purchased by TN Marketing, and your access will continue. Yay!

Will I actually watch the classes I purchased a million years ago? I don’t know, but I’m glad I’ll have the option to do so!

Bluprint’s statement here.

And a news piece on it here.

One more story here.

5 responses to “Bluprint/Craftsy update

  1. Thanks for the update, Michele! Like you, I like the option to refer occasionally to classes I purchased and still own. Maybe with this extra time, I’ll make the effort to look at some of them more seriously. Also thank you for your ongoing mails, pictures, and inspiration!

  2. I was so utterly confused by all that STUFF they went on with a few months back, where I was told to select which of my forever classes I wanted to keep (I think – I don’t really know WHAT I was told !) that I have had my forever classes reduced from roughly a dozen to about 5. What happened to the others I have no idea.
    I have always wished it had remained Craftsy: nothing ever confused me then. 😦

    • I remember when Craftsy was a new thing; it was the talk of one of the trade shows I attended. Then they got bought. And bought again. I hope that it’s a good fit for TN Marketing; I think it’s probably way better than NBCUniversal.

      > >

  3. Great news!!! Thank you!!

  4. Yaaaayyyyy! This is great news – thanks for sharing 🙂