How’s your Minerva KAL progress?

I haven’t been knitting a lot; I got sidetracked by sewing face masks this weekend. More on that later.

Minerva KAL progress

But I love how entrelac gives me a little feeling of victory, each time I finish a rectangle or triangle. Progress! I can tell as I cycle through my colors that I’m getting somewhere. And I love seeing what’s to come, too. My Huckleberry Knits DK Gradient is knitting up into a shimmering rainbow, rather than individual squares, just as I envisioned.

How are *you* doing with yours? Do you have any questions? The pattern is meant to stand on its own, but my little video tutorials can help light your way.

If you’ve downloaded the pattern, please do give Minerva a try. I offered special introductory pricing as a way to help in these troubling pandemic times. I’d love to know that it’s helping you! Please post your projects on Ravelry or Instagram and let me know. Use hastags #pdxknitterati and #minervakal2020 so I can find them on IG.

The Minerva Entrelac Cowl or Scarf pattern is available through Ravelry. Come knit with me!

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10 responses to “How’s your Minerva KAL progress?

  1. Dear Michele: I’ve ordered 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden from an Aussie seller, and am ready to DO IT to Minerva scarf. To be able to actually knit entrelac without the need of multiple balls of yarn is something I really, truly want to be able to do; and I’m your slave forever for giving me the chance.
    The moment I begin my German long-tail CO, you’ll know about it, 😀

  2. I know you do ! – and that was sufficient to point me in the direction of rhe 10th word of the second line in my Comment. [grin]

  3. My baby face is more than somewhat OTT – sorry.
    For you checking on, Michele ..

    • Yes, you’ve got it so far! But the second set (tier) isn’t quite done until you make the right edge triangle, which you’re about to do. Looking good! After the right edge triangle, you start the Left Leaning Tier.

      Your yarn still hasn’t arrived? Arrrgh!

      > >

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