Minerva KAL: Base Triangles!

Did you cast on and purl your setup row?

I used a crochet chain provisional cast on. If you’re doing it right, you’ll see the chain. See on the last 3 stitches, I did it wrong? Don’t do that!

Here’s a short video to walk you through the beginning of the first row.

And a video of the transition between the first and next triangle.

Let me know how you’re doing with your project; post on Instagram and use #minervakal2020 and #pdxknitterati so I can see them. And please make a Ravelry page for your project if you’re a Raveler; I love being able to check in on your projects. And post on your blog if you’re a blogger and let me know!

I’m using a bit of Knit Picks Chroma Worsted, I think in Pegasus, to show you this beginning, because I already used my Huckleberry Knits Gradient to do a little knitting last night. I had a Zoom meeting with the knitters who were going to come to my Minerva class that I had to cancel, so it’s a bit ahead of where we are right now.

Biscuit helped me set up my workspace. She was ready for her closeup, under the warm Ott light!

We had a good meeting, but it sure is a lot harder to have a knitting class when you can’t touch the other people’s knitting! And one on one is easier than a large group. So in a pinch, Zoom for sure. But I’d always choose in-person over virtual meeting, if possible.

If you want to join the Minerva KAL, you can find the Minerva pattern here on Ravelry.

If you need a private lesson or tutorial via Zoom, I can arrange that! Shoot me a message.

Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises. ~ Elizabeth Zimmermann

Edited to add:
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15 responses to “Minerva KAL: Base Triangles!

  1. I’ve found your instructions in your pattern very good! No problems with the base triangles. I got confused on my first row of rectangles, but then I realized I was reading the wrong section! After that it’s been smooth sailing!

    • Yay! It’s been fun making the little videos, but the pattern can stand alone, too.

      I’m finding that these little squares and triangles are enough to keep me amused without taking too much thought; I’m currently very distractable. Knit on!

      > >

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  4. Wendy Bloom

    Any suggestions for needle size if I’m going with a DK wieight? I have too much in my stash so DK it will be.

    • I’d guess around a 5 or 6? What does your ballband recommend? As long as you get a fabric you like, you’re good! I’m using a 6 with my DK, but it’s a kind of burly DK.

      > >

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  9. I am so bloody frustrated by the hideous delivery problems of my Silk Garden that I’m going to start in on this with .. something. I shall look for something. Not being either an fb or (now, again) an ig person, I shall make a page on my blog to post some pic.s. Lucky you, Michele – I shall send you a liink when I’ve set it up; and would be truly grateful for you to have a little peek at some stage ..

  10. And P.S.: where is Calvin in all this ? How come it’s only Biscuit who’s interested ?

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