Introducing: Minerva Entrelac Cowl/Scarf and KAL

Minerva is an entrelac cowl or scarf, knit flat. She’s a twist on my Athena Cowl, which is knit in the round. You can choose your pricing; see below.

Why knit a round cowl flat? To learn all the elements you need to know for any entrelac project, and to avoid a huge game of yarn chicken on a long scarf or loop cowl knit lengthwise! Entrelac looks like it’s woven, but it’s just a lot of squares and triangles, knit one at a time. You’ll want to knit just one more square…

Knit to the length you like! Samples shown in worsted weight yarn, but I’ll be knitting one in Huckleberry Knits American Dream DK for a KAL.

Short cowls, steam or wet blocked

100g/200 yards will give you a short cowl.

Noro Silk Garden, 115 g (2.3 balls)

I used 115g of Noro Silk Garden for the longer cowl. 200g/400 yards of Noro will give you a 60″ scarf or cowl.

Test knitter Paula Sadler’s Minerva Scarf, 4 balls of Noro Silk Garden

I’m planning a KAL during this time of social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Come knit with me at a distance! I’ll be posting the updates here on my blog. I’ll also be posting pictures on social media; I’m @pdxknitterati on Instagram, and PDXKnitterati on Facebook. Use #minervakal2020 and #pdxknitterati on Instagram. I’ll help you through the tricky spots!

The Minerva pattern is available through Ravelry Minerva Entrelac Cowl or Scarf (Ravelry link).

Let me know if you’d like to learn entrelac with me. I’ll post soon about choosing yarn and getting started.

Thanks to tech editor Meaghan Schmaltz, and test knitters Kristine Alcade, Ann Berg, Anne Fields, and Paula Sadler.

Edited to add:

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16 responses to “Introducing: Minerva Entrelac Cowl/Scarf and KAL

  1. I should indeed love to learn how to entrelac by knitting: I can do it really well by tunisian crochet (would love to add a photo but dunno how, here) but have always been fearful of the many balls at once technique.
    Will we be able to do it with thicker yarn, Michele ? – no, hang on … I shall do a shitload of frogging ! 😀

    • Definitely with thicker yarn, I love learning new things with big yarn, big needles! We call it worsted weight here, but you call it 10 ply. You can also use 8 ply/DK weight yarn.

      This is not a many ball technique; it’s one ball of a color shifting yarn that does the color changing work for you. Join us for the fun! Next blog post talks about choosing yarn. Cheers!

      > >

  2. Do we need multiple balls of single colored yarn, or is this. A type of yarn that changes on its own? I’d like to try.

    • Hi, Sue!

      You can use multiple balls of single colored yarn, but that means you’ll have lots of ends to sew in. Doable, but I like using color shifting yarns like Noro yarns, or Berroco Millefiori, or Plymouth Gina, or Knit Picks Chroma Worsted. Then you don’t have to be a color genius (I’m definitely not!) and you only have a few ends to sew in when you’re done!

      > >

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  4. THANK YOU!! I’ve been wanting to learn entrelac for ages but just never sat down and taught myself. Love this idea & the pattern. TYSM!

    • You’re very welcome! There are more blog posts after this one that have little videos to set you on the right track. Have fun, and please post your project on Ravelry or Instagram!

      > >

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