Portland Cherry Blossom Bridge Walk

Spring has sprung for sure! April is the prettiest month in Portland. Everything bursts into bloom.

I try to do my favorite bridge walk on the waterfront when the cherry trees are blooming.

The walk is 2.7 miles along the Willamette River. It crosses the Hawthorne Bridge and the Steel Bridge, making a big loop along the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade and Waterfront Park on the west side.

The metal sculpture on the fire station at the eastern end of the Hawthorne Bridge looks like raindrops in a pool. It’s more visible, or less visible, depending on where you are as you approach it.

I’m so giddy that spring is here!

hanami cowl

Way back in 2011, I designed my Hanami Cowl and Wristlets. It’s a super quick knit in worsted weight yarn. I especially love this in a fluffy single ply. Hanami is the name for the spring cherry blossom viewing parties in Japan.

I’m offering 50% off the Hanami pattern with coupon code BLOSSOM through April 15. Mookie would have approved. (Newsletter subscribers get an even sweeter deal…)

Oh! New kitty’s name is Calvin. Calvin LeRoy Purraldi. He’s very sweet, and settling in nicely.

He and Biscuit are working out their relationship. He’s bigger than Yadi was, so she doesn’t try to wrestle with him! (He’s bigger than we thought…ManCat rather than BoyCat.)

Happy spring!

6 responses to “Portland Cherry Blossom Bridge Walk

  1. Oh how pretty! The cherry blossoms don’t bloom here until Late april-early May.

    Welcome Calvin! He looks like my Rupert – though much bigger. Rupert is teeny-tiny with a HUGE attitude.

    • Calvin didn’t look that big at the shelter! Our first hint was when he wouldn’t fit into Yadi’s little carrier, and we had to borrow a carrier to take him home. And I think he’s getting bigger every time I look at him! He weighs about the same as Biscuit, but he has a bigger frame and is very muscular. But he’s very sweet, and very accommodating of Biscuit’s opinionated ways. And he’s started sleeping on the bed with us, so I think he thinks he’s part of the family now!


  2. Calvin looks like a delightful cat. Glad that Biscuit has some company now.

  3. Oh my goodness – what a lovely walk! The cherry blossoms are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing the views. So glad Calvin is settling in with Biscuit – they will be buddies soon enough 🙂 Also, lovely pattern – thanks for sharing that as well!

  4. Cats learning new cats is a slow process here at Chez only 4 cats house. My sons kitten will visit a few days while he is away. The kitten will be upstairs away from all the others . It works better for the usual pride that way here at our house.