More Brioche, LYS Day

Mmmmm, brioche. It’s been quiet around here, but that’s because I’ve been doing a deep dive.

I’ve gained new skills frogging two color brioche and getting it back on the needles. It’s actually easier than it sounds. I do it by ripping until I’m close, and then tinking a row of both colors at the same time, picking up each stitch as I go. It’s just a variation on how I frog single color knitting; that controlled tink of the last row is key! I’ll eventually make a video, but if you’re desperate, give it a try.

Syncopated brioche knitting

I’m also teaching myself syncopated brioche. This is so much fun. Basically, you change the knit and purl columns instead of staying in the normal brioche rib pattern. You do have to consider what’s happening on the other side of the fabric, if both sides are going to show. I’m having fun with this, and look forward to using it on…something. Soon!

In case you’re wondering, the yarn is Knit Picks Chroma Worsted, in Pegasus. I love this colorway; I used it to design my Dotty Cowl last year (free pattern from Knit Picks here).

I’ve been playing with more block printing on fabric. I’m kind of in love, here. We did these at Vickie’s in Ellensburg last week, but I carved two more blocks when I came home. The small circle is for making a contrast cener to the flower block. Looking forward to printing these.

Carved rubber block for block printing

And! Are you celebrating your local yarn shop this Saturday? It’s LYS Day, which is a great time to support your local fiber sources. There are events and special promotions on that day.

For Yarn’s Sake in Beaverton has a mini skein deal for you: Purchase a set of minis and you’ll get a coupon code to get my Lucky Star pattern for $2. (The pattern is very adaptable to whatever yardage minis you have.) Not local to For Yarn’s Sake? If you purchase a set of minis from your LYS on Saturday (4/27/19) and email me a copy of the receipt, I’ll send you a coupon code for the same deal. Cool beans!

OK, I’m heading back to brioche land. Knit on!

6 responses to “More Brioche, LYS Day

  1. I have a 400stitches of two colours brioch to bind off Can you tell me what is the best way to do it, without putting it something other stitches? Thank you for your interesing email 😀

    • I wanted a very stretchy bind off for this brioche shawl so I could block it out to maximum size. I used Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off, JSSBO. It’s for ribbing, and it worked great for 2 color brioche rib! On my last row I closed out the brioche stitches to regular stitches: *brk, p1; repeat to end (just not adding more yo). You could do this on the purl side instead, depending on what you want. Link to bind off instructions: Hope this works as well for you, too!


  2. Thanks for the pattern! My LYS is an “all sales final” store, which I find sketchy, so I am withdrawing my support.

  3. What are you using to make your blocks for printing? We did it in highschool, and if I remember correctly, we used Linoleum, and some specially carving tools. It was fun, but trickier than it looked!

  4. Augh! Heartbreaking to have to rip back, and doubly so with brioche! But yay for building new skills – that’s always good 🙂 The syncopated brioche looks very cool, as does your dotty cowl! The block printing is looking really neat – you have made some neat art there 🙂