Crafty Moms Weekend 16.0 (2019)

One more time! We had a spectacularly beautiful weekend on the Oregon Coast. Great weather, beautiful sunsets, camaraderie and crafts. I’ll put the scenic photos at the end. Yarn and other craftiness first!

Brioche and Bellini breakfast

I brought three knitting projects, but I only worked on one of them. I spent a day trying different ways to reverse the colors on the new section, and I’m finally happy with how it’s working out. It was a technical challenge.

Now it’s just a matter of finishing it! I may have to set it aside for a bit; another project has a deadline and needs to get underway.

Laurie was crocheting unicorns. So cute!

Sharyn brought supplies for block printing on tea towels. I brought some of my previous blocks, and carved a new flower block. I purchased these bags last year in Sisters during the Lantern Moon retreat, but hadn’t gotten around to printing them yet. Done!

This is pretty easy, and lots of fun. I see more of this in my future!

This was our 16th year at Rockaway Beach. The house looks right over the water so it’s perfect for any weather. But this year it was sunny all weekend.

Twin Rocks

This cloud bisects the sun

This one does, too

We stayed Friday afternoon through Monday morning. It would have been hard to go home on such a gorgeous day, so I didn’t! I had a free night expiring soon at Tolovana Inn in Cannon Beach, so Carole and I headed north for an overnight there. It was so warm that I bought a sundress and walked barefoot on the beach.

Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

The afternoon low tide was perfect for tide pooling.

We only saw two sea stars; I hope they’re coming back.

The anemones look pretty healthy!

The moon was nearly full, and the early morning moonset was gorgeous to behold.

It clouded over as the day went on, but that made it easier to head home. It was a perfect weekend!

Bisquee missed me. A lot.

And today (Friday), we brought this guy home. He’s 2 years old. His shelter name was Frumpkin. That’s got to go. But I don’t know what to call him yet. Working on it…

The fun never stops around here!

8 responses to “Crafty Moms Weekend 16.0 (2019)

  1. That looks like a perfect weekend! Fun crafts, good friends, beautiful scenery on a beach – what could be better? And congratulations on your new cat – he looks adorable! Hope he settles in well and he and Bisquee get along well 🙂

    • It was a fabulous weekend! We really lucked out on the weather; maybe it was to make up for the constant rain last year? It was so warm too, perfecto for walking on the beach.

      We’re doing a slow intro for the kitty with no name, so we’ll introduce them in a few days. Meanwhile we’re letting them swap spaces but not see each other yet. Hope it all works out!


  2. Forgot to say – your brioche shawl looks really interesting!

    • I’m a little obsessed by it! I really do need to put it down to work on something else, but right now it’s good and mindless, and I don’t have to plan anything. Maybe I’ll do design planning after Tuesday…tax prep day!


  3. Debbie Gudger

    What a glorious weekend you had! It sounds like the perfect retreat-good friends, fun projects and perfect weather.
    I’m so happy for you and your new kitty-he’s beautiful-hope he brings new joy every day!

  4. Of course you should join the “Under the spell of an orange cat” group on Ravelry and introduce your lovely orange boy to everyone. He’s quite photogenic. As is the Oregon coast.