Garter stitch mania

I’ve knit a lot of garter stitch during the past week. 800 yards of fingering weight yarn is a lot of knitting! I’ve really enjoyed it.

garter mania

Of course, there was that moment when I was 80% done, and I thought, “But what if I do it a different way?” So there will eventually be another version, a variation on a theme. I think I’ll like them both. I’ll let you know when I get closer!

Biscuit and her nerf dart

This little minx is feeling much better this week. Thanks for all your good thoughts. She’s still not 100%, but she has plenty of joie de vivre at 85%. I have now ordered sturdier new fireplace screens and hidden all the toilet paper.

She’s the smartest cat we’ve ever had. But definitely not a snuggly lap cat. Oh, and I think we’ve finally figured out her name. Again. Biscuit. Pronounced “BiskwEE” because it’s French. Really.

11 responses to “Garter stitch mania

  1. Love the video. Growing up our cat was named Biscuit. She was also not a lap cat, but absolutely brilliant (and she played fetch too!) She was a Torbie, so maybe it’s something in the Calico/Tortishelle family genes.

    • We had a calico who used to play the piano with us, but she was not sassy at all. Skittish and shy, but a love. And Mookie, our Torbi that we lost to kidney failure in April, was also quite the sweetie. Biscuit is like a challenging toddler!


  2. I’ve never seen a cat play fetch!

    • I hadn’t either, and I was absolutely charmed by it. She’s on her best behavior lately. Good thing, because she was awfully high maintenance last week.


  3. My cat Oscar also loves to play fetch. And he’s quite insistent that I throw the toy when he wants to play. It’s kind of funny until you wake up in the middle of the night to a furry mouse toy in the bed and a yowling cat telling you to the throw the toy. Right now!

  4. No more Bella??? Biscuit is a very cute name for a very SMART kitty! Glad to hear that she is feeling better.

  5. I’m so glad to hear she’s safe and on her way to being healed 100%. Our calico Nia was so abused that when we rescued her they thought she was 6-7 weeks old but she was so weak I spent the first weekend hand feeding her water from a dropper and wet food from my finger. She perked up after that and became extremely skittish once she got her strength back. The vet told us she was actually closer to 5 months old and it was a miracle she was still alive. We have to constantly baby proof our house because she will try to eat ANYTHING and she especially loves plastic and plastic bags-go figure. Sorry-this long rambling story was to tell you that although it did take time, almost 2 years for the whole family-closer to 10 months for me, she has turned into the most loving cat. She loves to snuggle in the morning and at night, she loves to cuddle up on my chest and tuck her head into my neck and purr like crazy. You are an amazing knitter and musician so I know you have the patient, gentle heart that will help her find love & comfort In your home. It’s obvious how much you already care for her. She’s one lucky kitty.😊

    • Awww, thanks! Biscuit is going to take a while to become a lap cat, but she does like to be near her humans ALL THE TIME. She wanted to help me block a shawl this morning, but I had to decline. Wires! Pins! Yarn! All so exciting.


  6. Garter is the best for worry beads! Glad it worked out.