Garter stitch as worry beads

purple garter crescent

I’m working out a new design idea, and it’s fairly mindless. Garter stitch makes a great worry bead. I love these two colors together; they’re from Lorajean at Knitted Wit. The variegated is Rose City (I think it was a special for the Rose City Yarn Crawl?) and the purple may be Her Majesty (label long gone, if I ever had one).

Rows and rows of garter stitch, so soothing as I wait by the phone.

gray BellaTrix

I was startled to see that BellaTrix was going gray last week. Her brilliant white fur was changing color. Apparently she got into our bedroom fireplace (screens are not enough barrier), and spread it around when she tried to groom herself. This made her sick, so she has been to the vet several times this week.

BellaTrix lamp

Although she wasn’t feeling well, she was still pretty active and chipper at times, but not eating. Yesterday she had an x-ray. No blockage. But her liver is only 20% of normal size. She’s back at the vet today for more tests, and I’m worried.

BellaTrix nerf dart

Please send good thoughts her way. Meanwhile, I’ll keep knitting.

purple garter st

7 responses to “Garter stitch as worry beads

  1. It’s so hard when our pets are sick because they can’t talk to tell us where it hurts. Holding healing thoughts for you kitty. Hope all turns out well.

  2. Aw! Poor kitty! I will think good healthy kitty thoughts for her.

  3. That is terrible. Poor Miss Bellatrix. Hope they find something that will make her feel better.

  4. Sending lots of good healing thoughts poor Bellatrix’s way. Having a sick animal is tough!

    • Thank you. She’s on the mend, and apparently her small liver is functioning well; it’s just small. She should just not get into fireplaces and ingest ash from her feet. I’m sending her a memo.

      When we first got her, she had giardia (unbeknownst to us) and an upper respiratory infection. We’ve seen the vet a lot! Hoping things calm down, and that she calms down some, too. She’s a squirrely one! Her energy level is perfect when she’s 90% healthy…😻


  5. Sending love and whisker-kisses to your kitty. I had to take my kitty, Max, to the vet this week too. So we both wait for healing.

  6. Very happy to hear that BellaTrix is getting better. 🙂