Do you listen to that little voice?

The one that says, “That bind off may be a little tight.” Or, “I don’t think that bump is going to block out.” Or whatever.

That little voice knows best. Sometimes It takes a while for me to pay attention to it. A lot of times I don’t listen because it often pops up when I’m nearing the end of a project, second-guessing myself.

frogged bind off

I should have listened about the bind off. It was too tight, and it really showed when I was blocking my garter stitch project. I tinked the bind off after the shawl dried, all 470 or so stitches. Ouch. Now I have to re-block the whole thing to get the edging right. But it will be gorgeous.

not quite it

And recently, I frogged this.

airplane knitting

Airplane knitting, and a knitter across the aisle! I had worked on it all the way to St. Louis and back earlier this month, and the more it grew, the less I liked it. That hump at the center neck was becoming more and more pronounced, and it was never going to block out nicely. I listened to the little voice, but I should have listened much sooner. Oh, well. All frogged, and working up nicely in a different design. Or at least I think it is.

This is pretty much my process. It starts with an idea, and I plan it out. Start knitting, see what I do or don’t like, and adjust as I go. Trial and error. I make the mistakes so you don’t have to!

Does that little voice speak to you? Do you listen?

5 responses to “Do you listen to that little voice?

  1. Oh no that whisper in your ear that warns of the bumps in the night. I have ignored the whisper more than once and more than once been disappointed. But every now and then you learn a new trick by not listening.

  2. Far too often, I don’t. Unfortunately, that little voice doesn’t only speak about knitting. Sometimes the little voice has to turn into a scream before I pay attention.

    I love the color combo on the second project.

    • I’ve ignored it and been sorry, but I don’t think I’ve ever ignored it and had things turn out well. That little voice knows best!

      Second project is now blocking, no thanks to Biscuit/Bisquee/BellaTrix. DH took a picture of her lurking outside the sunroom where I was pinning; it was funny but I wasn’t quite dressed for the day! I love the color combo, too. I think I may need to do more solid plus sprinkle dye. Or gradient plus sprinkle dye. Or, or, or…so many pretty yarns!


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