What’s in a Name? and name contest

A cat has no name. (Apologies, Game of Thrones.) It’s hard getting a name to stick to this one. She was Trix when we adopted her, and since then she’s been Coco Pele (homages to Pele the Hawaiian fire goddess, Pele the soccer player, and Kokopelli), and Clio Petra. None of them stuck. I call her Mooper a lot, but that’s not her name. The kids like Unagi (eel, because she’s so twisty/slippery), Mochi, and Biscuit. Biscuit?! Hmmm, all food names.

Well, she does like the kitchen. At just one year old, she’s a lot busier than our 16 year old Mookie was.

refrigerator cat

Yes, she tried to get into the refrigerator. Picture courtesy of Son1, and the Prisma app. (Have you played with Prisma? Free, and interesting! And you can remove the watermark in the corner, easy peasy.)

piano cat

I’ve also found her on the piano, and *in* the piano. Apparently she’s a lot sassier now that she’s feeling at home, and healthy. (She had giardia and a respiratory infection when we adopted her. Messy!)

sleepy cat

I kind of like her when she’s asleep, and not trying to bite my knitting.

cat knit helper

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll come up with a name, soon. It may even be Biscuit.

mannequin lace

Here’s another new addition to the household. I found her at Home Goods yesterday, quite by accident. She needs a name, too. I’d been thinking of getting something like this because Bobbi, my fabulous model, is off to college this fall.

mannequin dress

I gave her one of my old dresses, a black velvet mini T-shirt dress. Very demure. She’ll be introducing my newest design soon, including the necklace she’s wearing here. At least the design has a name!

Let’s have a little fun. Suggest a name for my new mannequin, and I’ll do a random drawing for a winner (but I’m too chicken to pick her name at random!). You can also suggest a name for my cat. Winner gets a copy of this book, Aura: 2016 Spring Collection from Knit Picks. Click the link to see the designs.


My Trellis Vines Poncho/Wrap is in it, along with many other breezy patterns for lightweight yarns.

I’ll pick a winner July 27. Ready, set, go!

29 responses to “What’s in a Name? and name contest

  1. How about naming the mannequin Eliza, for Eliza Doolittle who transformed herself, as this mannequin will certainly be transformed. For the cat, the only name I can think of is Maria, the name of the only cat I’ve ever had.

  2. Paula Johnson

    Miss Saasypants for the kitty and Lacey for the mannequin since it has lace on it and also so many of your designs feature lace which I love to knit.

  3. Chris Pugsley

    I vote Audrey as in Hepburn for the mannequin and for kitty how about Blaze for the markings on her face 🙂

  4. Ah – Chris stole my name for the mannequin… So lets go with another classy actress – Cate (as in Blanchet). And Georgia for the kitty (for her pretty peach patches!)

  5. Claudia J Roberts

    For the mannequin, I suggest Charlamain, and her nickname would be Charlie. For the cat, I suggest Miss Marple because she obviously likes to stick her nose into things.

  6. Lade Moiselle (the lady – sort of) for the mannequin and Curieux (Curious) for the kitty.

  7. Marion Fetters

    Holly Golightly for mannequin – “cat” for your cat

  8. Debbie Rogers

    Svetlana for the mannequin (cuz she is so svelte), Stash for the cat (cuz of the mustache and the tie-in to knitting)

  9. Name: Dolly.

  10. Your mannequin is obviously a proper lady, with that lovely lace and decorative finial. So I suggest Louisa…a proper sounding name.

    For the cat, how about Bisky? A shortened version of Biscuit?

  11. Nosey lady, always where she shouldn’t be? Maybe your cat might come to “Mrs Kravitz” (from the Bewitched series).

    Give it a try…might grow on you!

  12. Felice for the mannequin. Love the name and very elegant like the mannequin. Cinderella or Cindi for the cat. She’s really cute.

  13. How about Mrs. Darcy? cuz you know Elizabeth Bennett married him and would have to show off all those fabulous wraps you create!

  14. Poptart or Nala for the kitty. Gisele for the mannequin.

  15. Sadie for the mannequin, Pounce for the cat. Or if you prefer two syllables to call the cat, perhaps Mitzi or Peaches.

  16. How about Domino for the kitty, or Missoni or Escher who did so much black and white?

  17. Coco for the mannequin since I just saw the “Little Black Dress” exhibit at the Missouri History museum and it seems appropriate.
    The cat is so darling but I do not have a name for her. If you give her time, the name will come to you…

  18. I like Unagi for the cat, since she even has similar colouring!

    As for the mannequin, something that starts with M…Mabel? Mine is named Jane!

    Katie =^..^=

  19. Hepburn.

  20. Adele …. Shes perfect!!

  21. For the cat …. Pearl or Purl

  22. I like Minerva the Mannequin!

  23. Dawn Sharafi

    Trudy for Ms. Mannequin and Snowball for ze puddy cat!

  24. Ann Liebert

    Nugget for the cat and the mannequin looks like a Bonnie to me.

  25. Linda Fristedt

    For me, your cat definitely has a Japanese vibe with her grace and “lucky” tri-coloring so I suggest Kami (the spirits or phenomena worshipped in the religion of Shinto). Cats are always phenoms and appreciate references to deities.
    Your elegant mannequin would always be Madame. Her “presence” requires respect and a certain formality of address.

  26. I believe Coco, as in Coco Chanel would be fitting

  27. Rosina, as in Rosina Wachtmeister, an Austrian artist, famous for cat sculptures and portraits, for the kitty

  28. Sheryl Turner

    Holly Golightly

  29. Sheryl Turner

    For the kitty? Zook, From the book “The Five Lives of Our Cat Zuke”. I changed the spelling. Great book for middle schoolers and up. I really like this book and I’m over the 50 hill. 😀