New beginnings

I love casting on. It’s a new beginning, and everything is possible.

just enough long tail cast on

A perfectly guessed long tail cast on is encouraging.

tridacna beginning

And the first bit of beauty encourages hope for the possible.

The news cycle is so awful right now. I don’t have the right words to express my feelings, but I’ll try. We need a new beginning, where we all see each other as people with hopes and dreams and reasons for believing what we do. We need to acknowledge that there is so much good in people and the world, and try to honor that, too. Fear-mongering, othering, demonizing, and killing has to stop. I want love to win over hate.

So I’ll keep trying to add a little beauty to this world, and do my best to make it a better place.


10 responses to “New beginnings

  1. Barbara Fletcher

    Instead of guessing for long tail cast on, use the inner and outer strands, cut the outer strand at the end of cast on…..never guess again

    • Oh, yes, I do that when the cast on is 300 stitches or so, but for 150 stitches I was happy to guess. And it worked perfectly! With the two ended long tail cast on, there will be an extra tail to weave in, and since I was switching colors on the first row for this project I thought four tails was more than I wanted to deal with. But that’s the great thing about knitting: You can boss it around!


  2. Terry Strand

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yeah for you and all the beautiful knitting projects you generate!
    Terry Strand

  3. Ahh this post is a breathe of fresh air! You wrote the words I was thinking 🙏

  4. Ok, I’m a little tears now. (And I want to knit this)

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  5. Barbara Fletcher

    When the first row is a different color, I cast on with both colors. Base color
    And first row color. First row color is the stitch on the needle.

    • That would work, but it gave me more of the first row color showing underneath the base color than I wanted. I wanted a full garter ridge of just the base color before moving into the first row color. I love experimenting to get what I want!


  6. What is the beautiful project to be?
    And I firmly believe adding beauty to the world pushes out some of the hate.

  7. A knit blogger, can’t remember who now, had a great post. Instead of being identified as this group or that, we need to start being individuals and see everyone else the same way. It doesn’t help that the media plays groups against each other. I chose to turn them off.

  8. Yes to love & not hatred. Inclusiveness & not fear, suspicion & violence.
    I like to think that our creativity & knitting does add beauty to the world. I try every day to be patient & kind to everyone, & set a good example of peace.