CLICK for Babies/Purple Hats

Last month, I had the opportunity to hang out at Twisted in the company of other knitters, knitting purple hats for the Click for Babies campaign. The hats are given to newborns through Legacy Emanuel Hospital to remind parents about the period of PURPLE crying, to prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome. We were there on that particular day to film a commercial for Legacy. It started airing a couple days ago, on TV and Hulu, too.

It’s not currently hat collection season, but you can knit hats all year and turn them in later. I knit a hat that day, and have another one that I finished after I went home. Thanks to Twisted’s owner Emily Williams for a fun project for a worthy cause!

click for babies

Do you have favorite charities you knit for? Here are details on purple hat requirements, if you choose this one. Hat collection begins again later this year.

9 responses to “CLICK for Babies/Purple Hats

  1. I knit about 23 baby blankets a year for Project Linus. They are distributed to all the Nicu’s in the local hospitals.

  2. Hey……you is FAMOUS!!!! The purple hat project sounds like a very worthy cause.

    Our knit group is currently knitting “warmies” for the Bangor, Maine police department. It can be anything you want to knit as long as it keeps someone warm. We will be sending a box up to the police department next October so they can pass things to the homeless or other needy folks “as needed”.

  3. I love the hats. I do hats for a local hospital that puts them on newborns. And then for older kids through my church for Operation Christmas Child. It’s just a great way to use up scraps!!

  4. What a happy surprise to see you in that ad when we were watching the news last week. The knitting was what first caught my attention when suddenly there you were. Congratulations on taking part in a well done ad, and kudos to Emily and Twisted.

  5. Thank you so much for joining us for filming and for spreading the word here! Love you!