Meander Cowl with Delicious Yarns Two Sweets

I just finished this cowl and I don’t want to take it off, ever. It’s delicious!

meander cowl collage

I’ve named it Meander, because the zigazagging lace and cables do a nice walkabout, and the accent color meanders through the whole thing even more. The lace makes it airy enough that it’s not too warm, and it looks pretty, too.

meander close

I knit this with a new to me yarn from Delicious Yarns. The premise is pretty fun: Lots of fiber, no calories, delicious! This is the sport weight version of Two Sweets (2 color accents); the colorway is Chocolate Mix 3. I wish I had thought to take a picture of it before winding, but I wound it before going to Hawaii as “just in case” knitting. I didn’t know what it wanted to be yet, and didn’t get to it until this week.

Delicious Yarns fingering

Here’s a skein of of their fingering weight yarn in Sprinkles (Superwash Merino with little pops of color on a natural background). I bought it to coordinate with the sport weight, thinking that my yarn at home was fingering, but it’s not. So I’ll either return it or save it for another day. The sport weight has spoken, and spoken well indeed. This is a loop cowl, 52 inches long, blocked. Pattern coming soon; it’s at the tech editor now. It would be nice in a semisolid color, too, but the meandering of the accent color adds a bit of fun.

meander pano

First time I’ve ever used the pano feature of my iPad to photograph knitting, but I couldn’t fit the whole thing in any other way!

Does your yarn tell you what it wants to be? Or is it less bossy than mine? I’ve had this yarn since June, and it finally spoke up!

13 responses to “Meander Cowl with Delicious Yarns Two Sweets

  1. Some yarn is happy being anything. No fuss, works up fine. Some yarn is more opinionated. I have some purple Bold Bamboo yarn from Bendigo Woolen Mills (, and it insists on being a sweater, but it won’t tell me which one…

    • I do have some workhorse yarns, and they’re happy being almost anything. It’s the variegated and other color applications that are harder to figure out. At least for me! Thanks for visiting my blog!


  2. It only speaks to me when I am trying to make it be something it doesn’t want to be! Cute cowl.

    • And sometimes we ignore that little voice, hoping everything will be ok. It never is!

      I started this cowl several times, with similar but different stitch patterns. This one made me happy from the get-go. Winner!


  3. This is really cute and fun! I can’t wait for the pattern to come out.

  4. Love it! Beautiful pattern and great colors!

  5. I LOVE how that pink meanders! Beautiful job!

  6. My yarn is seriously bossy. If ever I try to force it into something it doesn’t want to become, it protests. And loudly. It’s an amazing experience, though, when yarn and pattern match up harmoniously, like in your cowl. That is gorgeous!

  7. Those yarns really do look delicious. Definitely going to have to remember that stuff.